Biteappy - The App for Food Allergies & Special Diets.

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The App for Food Allergies & Special Diets.



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Biteappy is an app which contains the tool which enables a Worldwide restaurant search for all the individuals that have various food allergies and some special diets too...the tool could also be used as your favourite restaurant finder….it is an awesome food app..


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wow amazing apps.I have enjoyed this food app too much.
These people are doing a lot of good work and their food is also very good.Thnks you are sharing good app.

Great hunt, wow wow wow wow wow!

Allergies can be a pain. One can always end up at a restaurant and find they don't do gluten free or nut free food. This will make life eaiser for people with different allergies so that they know options they have before going to a place to eat. Wow wow

This is the best app for people with food allergies and special diet that helps them to find the resturant. With the help of this app people can easily find their favorite food without any tension that will save their time and also keep them fit.

A app to cater the people who have special deit requirements. This app will help to find special restaurants thay sell food for allergies and special deits.

Very nice tool to making perfect dirt plan with good kind of food. Healthy food contain healthy nutrition which help those in our healthy diet. Awesome App.

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Great to have apps like these giving your information about your favorite restaurant as well as giving information about the food.
I hope people find it really useful.
Thanks for the hunt ;)

A great app for people who suffer from food allergies and
thus are in search of special diets/restaurants. The app serves a special need and a lot of people can benefit from it.

The food lovers really need to check on this app, I am a kinda person who is yet to see food that I am allergic to, thought I have some friends who have allergies to different kind of foods. I guess humans ain't the same..

My wife has been struggling with hives for most of her life. Just when we think we have it narrowed down to a specific food, something else happens and she has a flare up again. I think having a tool like this would be really helpful for her to track what is going on and it might make it easier for us to narrow down what is specifically causing the reaction. Nice hunt!

Bitappy cqan be an important app for people with allergies. It's great to see technology being used for things like allergies. Great hunt!!

This makes life easier for many allergic people. Being able to know before hand what restaurant serves what saves time and help you to decide easily. Great app and great hunt!

Food allergies we all have and if we want to live and be happy we need to pay attention. This application just does that, a great gem found!

Excellent application in case you feel stressed eating abroad. You can even use it to search for restaurants in your neighborhood, and if they provide a diet without sensitivity or explicitly dietary, the subtleties of what they provide will appear alongside an evaluation and a general chart of the cost of the meal.

@mocoyoton, this is a cool app and one that my friend needs because she has a lot of allergies. This will help people like her to know what kind of diet to take. Not only that, this app can also show the restaurants that they can go to. This will make them comfortable with these special restaurants. Need to tell my friend about this.

This is what everyone needs to have installed on mobiles. It is an easy access to finding some good restaurents. Definitely everyone will like this app. Because everyone love food.
Thank you for the coool hunt.

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