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RE: Blocklords - Age of Empires for the Blockchain?

in #steemhunt3 years ago

These type of games have almost always been succeeded in attracting a large number of players, even when they were not on the blockchain/s and even whey they didn't have any incentive attached to them, but now they have more to attract the players ... a chance to get profit alongside with fun.

The concept of NFT is quite attractive as well. I feel the projects with NFTs like they have some extra flavors and something more to offer ... an investment.


I guess with NFTs, your cards will always exist regardless of the game shutting down. At the moment if Hearthstone goes down, that's it, all those millions spent are gone, same with Fortnight, but with NFTs, someone can create a new game with them.... there's no reason why Splinterlands can't also have an RTS or something running alongside it.

I couldn't agree more. Wish you a very lovely day ahead & even more amazing hunts.

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