Coin ShakeDown - CryptoCurrency Ratings in a Glance

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Coin ShakeDown

CryptoCurrency Ratings in a Glance


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Hunter's comment

This is a cryptocurrency rating site, which is equally useful for new and experienced cryptocurrency investors.
This site helps you smartly develop your cryptocurrency investment strategy, based on a variety of factors.

Each coin is graded and scored in the following categories:
(This is exactly, more or less, as mentioned on the site)

  • Technical

Qualifying stats for this category are github stars, pulls, commits, forks, total repos, contributors.

  • Social

This category is based on coin's social media accounts, website, discord channel etc.

  • Scarcity

Based on the maximum supply and inflation rate of the coin.

  • Longevity

Based on maturity and period of existence of the coin

If you're new to cryptocurrency investment world, this site is definitely for you to start with.



Hunter: @mobi72

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Keep up the hunt!You deserve my thumb up!
Pros:user friendly interface/I like the idea/cutting edge technology/full of possibilities/collaborative
development team
Cons:Nothing I can see it

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Thanks @mobi72 I am the dev for this site and appreciate your article. Welcome to any feedback, been slaving to tuning the algorithms for mass gradings. Thanks!

Thanks @gpackets for appreciating my efforts. I'd suggest that, if there is a discord channel for Coin ShakeDown, you'll get more feedback from far more experienced cryptocurrency users than I am.
Furthermore, one or more articles about Coin ShakeDown from the dev of the platform on steemit would be great.

I am glad to hear from you.

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