Ampl smart backpack - Shoulder-strap holster that recharges your gadgets

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Ampl smart backpack

Shoulder-strap holster that recharges your gadgets



Hunter's comment

The backpack is designed for gear-laden travelers. it has smart features like

  • Built-in batteries for recharging.

  • Connected mobile application that provides stats on battery percentage and alerts you.

  • TSA-friendly laptop compartment.

  • Shoulder-strap holster that keeps your smartphone handy while it recharges.

The price of the backpack varies with battery capacity from $249 to $500.



Hunter: @mittymartz

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"Shoulder-strap holster that keeps your smartphone handy while it recharges"




I approve, but it shows 33% plagiarism, however in google search, i didn't find plagiarism.

Now, we can easily charge smart devices with bags, and it seems that the demand for these bags has come from carrying a lot of electronics. If you travel far away, you will need a laptop and a variety of electronic devices.

Really like the hunt @mittymartz Really amazing what is integrated! But could you maybe also add some more photos of the backpack itself the front and the inside of it are really important, I think.

Hope to see more hunts of yours and enjoy the day @mittymartz

Interesting backpack. I like its recharging function. Hope it's comfortable to wear as well.

Whether you get a good battery or a low end one, the cost of this bag is still expensive.

Most lovable Ampl smart backpack

It looks a very nice bag. The design of this bag is great, which will help us in many ways. This bag will prove to be very useful for all the people.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

WoW the design and style of this backpack is absolutely fantastic, the build in battery and USB ports really make it suitable for various activities in addition the price is quite affordable. Great Hunt

This Ampl smart backpack is really great with sleek design and it charges all your devices, so you don't have to worry about running out of battery.

this bag is wonderful. I like it. It is good for travellers because it provides Built-in batteries for recharging.

Great hunt, brother!

wow it cool and approved, its a cool back pack with battery pack, that can charge your mobile phone or mobile tablet

Great hunting, a backpack aside from carrying your things can load your equipment. Congratulations for your product.

This is a very useful item. I think it will be easy to charge while traveling. It would be convenient to manage batteries. I think the programmers will like it. Thank you for sharing.

great features and what I like about this product are:

Built-in battery for recharging.

Connected mobile application that gives battery percentage statistics and warns you.

TSA-friendly laptop compartment.

Shoulder strap holster that makes your phone practical when recharged.

A perfect match for those travel junkies! Well done hunter! Now I can no longer worry if my gadgets get lowbat thanks for this hunt. I hope they will also add some solar panel to make it closer to perpetual energy. I will give this hunt a score of 5 out of 5.

When there a product is a mix of two different products, the outcome is normally good specially when it is in tech industry. I like the design and functionality of this product. Perfect and right on #1.

I truly am loving these smart backpacks. They are so amazing. Just the fact that they can charge your smartphone while it is sitting safely in a compartment is awesome. It can recharge your other gadgets as well. I am really impressed with all of this new technology. I need to get one for my daughter. It will keep her smartphone charged which will keep her safe. Great hunt @mittymartz

$249-$500, I think is kind off cost but with what it offers, i dont think anybody will want to look into the cost at all. think i love this bag.

I really like the idea of this product. Battery recharging is an excellent idea. Great hunt!


Yea it is

This is a cool hunt as the smart backpack has the recharging feature in it which is great on the shoulder strap. Great hunt.

Awesome hunt,

This traveling bag looks so easy to carry around, and the battery pack it has makes traveling even more fun cos you won't run out of juice.

I need this backpack, the initiative behind this product is awesome.

Awesome HUNT

Great hunt mate I saw couple of smart bags from steemhunt but that one seems to be the coolest one I definitely need one of that thanks for sharing

Certainly a backpack that I would consider to buy. Well designed & very practical for heavy gadget users. A little troubling that it has taken them SO long to ship - after winning awards at CES 2015 & funded by Indigogo.

It looks better than a lot of the other "battery bags" offered out there. I love how its charging capacity can be adjusted based on the user's needs. This way users won't have to worry about charging their gadgets if they're going to be off-grid for extended periods. The added shock-proof and water resistant features also goes a long way in protecting all the valuables you carry with you.

It's a wonderful backpack with beautiful is very attractive and useful for gear-laden travelers. It is very comfortable and smart.
Good Hunt!

I think it is a wonderful product for all the steemians as Ampl smart backpack provides facility to recharge the gadgetry to continue our work even in a journey.

Superb Hunt indeed :)

Interesting backpack. It would be useful to charge smartphone while traveling. Thank you for the sharing.

This is no doubt an amazing backpack because it has build in batteries which allow users to charge their device any time to prevent running out of battery, i think this backpack is extremely useful for travelers. Great Hunt

This is impressive! All the feautures of this product is nice and the price is not too expensive. I hope I can get this and got gadgets charge always

I'm a traveler and a business man. For that reason, I've to go to far off places every week. Ampl smart backpackis probably the greatest find here at @steemhunt. I want to explore it more and have resteemed it for record purpose. Thank You for sharing.

Wow excellent hunt


Good for travelers
You can recharge our devices
Very smart bag



It has various smart features and the pricing feature is best. In this price it is best available in market. Good one

This smart backpack is really useful for every traveler! The features it provides are value for the money! Great hunt!

This smart backpack is a "need" and also "must" if you like travelling, camping, taking walks etc. Thanks for sharing, perfect hunt.

Ampl smart backpack love the stylish design and the smart feature charging and connecting to mobile app to get statistics. Great product and nice hunt.

Great hunt
Nice one! It looks really amazing! I really want to have one!
This is really mind blowing!!
Thanks for the sharing

With this bag, you can charge your electronics anywhere. What an amazing development of technology. Since these bags are early, they are somewhat expensive. I'd like it to be cheaper for commercialization.

Well I see a lot of bag packs everyday and it’s goo to see this one which has an outstanding features. It is a good thing to actually charge your gadgets while on the move

backpack to travel comfortably and secure account by USB port to charge your smart phone alerts you when you are running out of power to recharge

This backpack is really handy for travelers. It has got really impressive features of the battery charging.
Impressive Hunt!

It is a wonderful backpack to charge all devices when you are mobile. Thanks for sharing. Awesome hunt.

It is amazing product with very good features

Built-in batteries for recharging.

Connected mobile application that provides stats on battery percentage and alerts you.

TSA-friendly laptop compartment.

Shoulder-strap holster that keeps your smartphone handy while it recharges.

Stay blessed and keep it up.

first of all i love the fact that price is not expensive and i also think it is a good product that will be good for everyone especially those that travel frequently and would love to recharge their devices...

Nice bag....
Charging gadgets is a big problem while on the move.... This bag solves this problem easily.

This bacpack will be very useful if you like travelling, trekking, taking long tours. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.

Though I have come across several different types of backpacks but this one seems something really handy for its cool features and dual functionality:

Built-in batteries for recharging.

Connected mobile application that provides stats on battery percentage and alerts you.

TSA-friendly laptop compartment.

Shoulder-strap holster that keeps your smartphone handy while it recharges.

There is no con for this hunt except that of price that I assume would be high but even if it's bit high, I'd like to give this hunt 5 stars.

This is superb. It suits developers who travel a lot and of course, a digital nomad will love this Ampl smart backpack. Added to chart list, thanks for the hunt.

The way technology has changed and still continue to keep changing our lives puts me in awe at times whenever I think of it. Everyday, there is something new in the market and seems like product creators now have competition to come up with solutions that are multi-faceted. Excellent work.

great product men is perfect that backpack to leave the field because it serves to store things and also to be able to have many utilities as energy in places where there is not great hunt

Gadgets can now have full recharge with this product. ALL travelers can have rest of mind about there gadgets because it’s capable enough to charge to peak. Every feautures of this product is cool and the price is bearable

Whosoever came up with this innovative product is really genius and out of the box thinker. This hunt is perfect in all ways and there is no reason that I should not give it full marks. It should be seen by more people and that's why I', resteeming it.

Neat! I have a backback with a solar panel and a battery pack but its not built in so I can see this adding to it without taking away any space.

great hunt

You have shared a great product with us. This product is very usable. This design bag will help us in many ways and many benefits. We can charge it easily and we can transport the laptop. This product is very good.


Thanks for your review

Indeed a good product for everyone

Cool, I am currently looking for a back-up that contains great surprises. And thanks for this one, maybe this will be one of my list! thank you for sharing this mate!

I like travelling and I like also taking long walks. This smart bag would be very useful for me. Thanks for sharing Ampl Smart Backpack.


That is cool, it means you should get one for yourself

Price is very good and features are excellent. i want one for me. Thanks for a great hunt

This bag is amazing , like it has many amazing features which amazes me, but when I see the price its like to high

Great Hunt! This bag is really useful. We can charge our gadgets while walking or outside office and homes. We would really benefit from this bag while travelling.

This one is really awesome backpack since this recharges your gadgets in a second. You don't have to bring many more things in your journey. Congrats

Hey, that's a great find and the best thing I liked about it is its security alert, which goes on if you leave the bag behind or if someone tries fidgeting with your bag... and it has the capability of charging your laptop with LaptopBoost battery... Love it!!

Awesome because this will make things easy for traveling and make recharging very convenient. I like this hunt.

since this great gadget can be carried around even makes me to find it more interesting and i feel excited seeing such a wonderful product..good hunt

All in one Charger , and I liked the features of fully loaded one. Little expensive, but worth it, because, you can even get an alert, if you leave the bag. So that is going to definitely save you a lot in terms of price as well as mental piece.

this device makes recharging to become more interesting to use and it is a good device for travellers because it will enable them to be able to charge their devices especially the mobile devices

the bag is beautifully made and i love the colours,the gadget is necessary for use especially when we are planning to go on a trip or go for vacation and enable us to be able to charge our device whenever we want

This backpack is superb. You really deserved to be in the top. Congrats to this awesome hunt

This is incredible, I like that it can be carried almost anywhere because it is light and compact. Besides saving a nice design this is great

So, you don't need to buy backpack and chargers separately if you go for this dual functionality backpack?I really liked the idea and price seems affordable.

Cool hunt here as it will help us recharge our gadgets again .. Cool hunts

This is simply what I need on my day to day life. Though I am never travelling far, I needed that extra juice because I love to listen to music while traveling and watch movies from my phone. This solves all my problems battery wise!


I love to listen to music too and watch movies... It is definitely going to save us the stress of low battery

It's a great product
The idea of charging a battery to a backpack is very unique

Sounds perfect for the travelers by the way ;)

Smart design... Beautiful and elegant... Solves the gadget charging problem.

Nice hunt Hunter
Nice technology
Hope it is cost effective though

Wow this is a great item to've got all in one..thanks for sharing!

This backpack seems a perfect for travelers who also use smartphones a lot.

Ampl smart backpack is very smart backpack bag. I checked the side and also see that excellent features. Price is reasonable. Nice smartphone charging system that can able to attract all.


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This backpack is very suitable for tourists, because tourists often carry a lot of equipment. Moreover, it has a very smart built-in battery. Provides percentage of battery statistics and commemorates you because it is connected to the mobile application. TSA-friendly laptop compartment. Your cellphone will look more practical when recharged because the shoulder strap is very good