OneManBand (OMB) - A device that turns your guitar into any instrument

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OneManBand (OMB)

A device that turns your guitar into any instrument




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Hello Steemit!

It is no secret that technology is taking huge steps forward in order to make our lives better and sometimes more interesting. (OMB) couldn't be an exception.

This is basically a device that adjust on your classic or electric guitar and allows you to play other instruments sounds. It literally transforms your guitar into a whole band!

OneManBand generates an artistic arrangement of backing guitar, bass, piano, drums, and strings/horns in a wide variety of styles including rock, pop, jazz, soul, R&B, classical, country, etc. OMB’s patented technology detects signals from the guitar strings, converting them to digital data without any latency. Signals are detected when holding any note on the fret board, without even strumming the strings. The downloadable app (for iOS and Android devices) picks up those signals, enabling the guitarist to choose features such as auto accompaniment, solo playing, record and more.


OMB Guitars come pre-installed with the technology, so musicians can use it as a regular guitar or connect to the app to open up all the creative options.
The OMB Upgrade Kit is portable, lightweight, chargeable and easily installs to any guitar without damaging it, so it can be taken anywhere
Automatic playback of music and add a backup band if desired
OneManBand is user-friendly and can accommodate beginners or experts
Play with dynamic playback, strum instruments and guitar-to-MIDI
Play with a robust full-band sound in real time with expert sounding auto accompaniments
Other instrument sounds can be created with the touch of a button
Cutting edge technology utilizes capacitive and inductive technology to detect signals from the strings and convert them to digital data without any latency
An OMB Guitar app is included with any version and additional app credits can be purchased at any time



Hunter: @mindtrap

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