Myriad Case - Wireless battery case that charges completely wirelessly

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Myriad Case

Wireless battery case that charges completely wirelessly



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Hunter's comment

Myriad Case is an intelligent wireless battery case with an innovative technology that can fully charge your iPhone. We carry our smartphone everywhere, we take it everywhere, and when we're out, it's very annoying when the battery of our phone is out. With Myriad Case, you will not have to worry about ending the iPhone's battery, and you can continue without interrupting your entertainment.

Charge & play music or share power, the possibilities are endless with Myriad Case: the most versatile, wireless iPhone battery case.
With Myriad Power, you can charge your iPhone completely wirelessly. Not only does Myriad Power free up the Lightning Port on your phone, but it also frees up your desk, nightstand, and countertops. You can even stack modules on top of each other and charge them simultaneously with the included Qi wireless charging pad.




Hunter: @micay

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I have approved it :)

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A wireless version of a power bank. This is cool 😎