Lazy bones- Routine planner - An app that helps you nail your daily routine and more

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Lazy bones- Routine planner

An app that helps you nail your daily routine and more



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Hunter's comment

Habits can be a very powerful thing. Forming a habit, is powerful enough to turn the experience of yoga from a bothersome experience to a very relaxing time. The only way you can effectively form a habit is to willingly do little sessions at your own pace and for a long time.

Lazy bones app is an app that can help you build your desired habits by gently encouraging you to do them. It simply works by you entering all your desired routines, and the app will smartly group them by location and time of day; thereby reminding you to complete them.

Another great attribute is that the app actually converses with you like a friend 😅 and also makes suggestions. The ability for you to customize your needs on the app is actually top notch. You can bring out the creativity or little child in you by organizing your routine to look like a rainbow and choosing the colors you think will motivate you.

There’s also an amazing stats view where you can see how much your progressing. The rate at which your progressing is grouped into daily, monthly and lifetime. Any day your able to complete all your set routine will be recorded as a perfect day and marked in the apps calendar, so this way you get to see how much your progressing and how many perfect days you’ve had.

In conclusion, lazy bones is a very easy to use app that helps you build, track and personalize your habits while also having fun. It also reminds you to do things and gives audio feedback. It’s a 42 mb app.


Cons: The only con is it isn’t a free app. It has a 7 day free trial that gives you access to the whole app, after that there’s a fee which is dependent on your location.



Hunter: @melanie00

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The following text is my opinion about this app, Lazy Bones - Routine Planner, I'll write down the things I like or not about it.


  • fun, intuitive and easy to use UI
  • let's you plan and schedule your work properly
  • track your schedule


  • it's only on iOS so far, there are other similar apps for Android but it would be nice to have this one too.

Great hunt @melanie00!


  • easy to use
  • fun experience
  • allows for syncing with other devices
  • has reminders
  • presence of day segments


  • None so far

Great hunt @melanie00! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.


  • fun interface to track daily habits
  • scheduled habits
  • set reminders
  • always keeps motivated
  • personalised and easy to use
  • set daily goals
  • install on mobile, tablet


  • good features, no cons noticed

Nice Hunt!


  • account saves your data so you are able to use more than just one device
  • motivates you to complete all your tasks
  • reminders
  • easy to set up and use


  • only 7 day free trial

only 7 day trail is right if it was permanent then may be there is no cons


  • neat design looks clean and polished
  • the free trial makes it good to try out


  • only for iOS, I wonder when will people realize that building apps with React Native is the way to go
  • there is a plethora of apps like this and I don't see a killer feature that would make me buy this over my current one

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