Shoot the Zombirds - Challenging game of shooting birds and zombies

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Shoot the Zombirds

Challenging game of shooting birds and zombies



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Hunter's comment

Fun and Challenging game for both iOS/Android users to shoot birds and Zombies at the same time.
Easy to play and for every age of player to enjoy your hours shooting zombies and zombirds.


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Games, the thing I really love. I always love to play games and this looks like good to spend time. Such a cool game.

Great and innovative find. This game looks very interesting. I really like to playing shooter game. I am playing this shooter game and spend my quarantine time happy and enjoyable.

Wow! What a great game you have searched. I have seen many types of games of shooting. But this is so great as this has many types of options and we can be a good sharpshooter with this game. Great Hunt!

great hunt. like that everyone can play, true about almost any game, only difference is scorecard will suck for few ages. game seems so contemporary. eveyone is a zombie these days.

Shooting must be fun for sure and this game looks nice to me. I will try this game to see how good it is. Great game


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