Dark Lands - Take your hero on an epic journey

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Dark Lands

Take your hero on an epic journey



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It is awesome Smartphone Gamee app available on both GoogleApp/AppStore platforms. Be ware and active on your journey, you will find fantasy enemies to fight and you have 40 missions to survive. Unlock 50+ achievement and Take your name in Hall of Fame.




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It's good to see some decent single player levels with a place for gameplay skill in mind released for a mobile game. Limbo is one of my favorite games of all time. I have seen many games that seems to take stylistic inspiration from Limo and difficulty from Dark Souls. None of the titles are as great as their inspiration. At leas they are trying to keep things fresh in the mobile game market.

One thing I would like to see is a paid version of the game with no microtransactions.

I love to play adventures games like, thanks for suggesting.

That is nice game. Full of joy and lot of fun for youns

It's a great idea for turning your opportunities and spending a lot of time with this gamee app. on both GoogleApp/AppStore platforms. Be ware and active on your journey.

What a great and amazing hunt. I am also big lover of this type of interesting game. This game looks to much amazing. I am also download this app and spend my time become happy and enjoyable. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Seems like a nice simple game to play in spare time.
Nice Hunt :)

Looks like a super and awesome dark fighting game & i really enjoy playing it coz it has lot of challenging monsters which i love to beat. such a great game. Nice Hunting

Awesome game.
For sure as you go on the journey, you will meet various obstacles.
Thanks for sharing this hunt


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