ConVRse - English learning VR application

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English learning VR application



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Converse is a very useful and effective application which helps you to learn English language through virtual reality technology. It can make learning more interesting and effective.

ConVRse can make more efficient English learning possible for everyone by offering the “study abroad experience” at a much lower cost.


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hmm seem quite interesting and perhaps a nice way to interact with the English language. learning through virtual reality is indeed cool, effective and an interactive way. so i assume it would make things easier.

Almost every non-native wanted to learn English which is necessary for their professional carrier. So this app would be a great help for those to learn in a more fun way. Nice Hunting

Perhaps this can help me in preparing for my ielts exam, I will check it out.

Wao learning English in virtual environment. This takes learning to the next level. Awesome idea man.
So many can benefit from it.

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I think, everyone on Steemhunt is fond of and appreciate VR technology and its applications. Not all but most of the VR, AR, mixed reality applications are going to become a necessity in the near future (most of the VR/AR/Mixed-reality applications shared even on Steemhunt lies in this category, which covers different fields of life, you can check them anytime on SH), IMO, ConVRse is one of them.

ConVRse touches and covers the most sensitive topic, English Language Learning, which is like an impossible task in many countries around the world because of the lack of the existence of the related environment.

Their lessons and environment based on real-life conversation scenarios, and they have made them interactive, which gives learners a sense of presence and keep them engaged in an efficient way. This will also give their learning a fast pace, more accuracy, and they will have a better understanding of the different accents as well.

Cool, this is the best thing ever that we could get learning experience with this great technology of VR. I am sure we will able to learn English basically.

WoW english is undoubtedly one of the most used and important languages in the world, hence we need ways to learn it. However, most of the ways i found before are usually somewhat heavy and archaic, that's why i really like this app that besides being affordable also allow us to learn the language in an interactive way and through practical and immersive exercises in 3D. Awesome Search

perfect hunt! of course, this is a great and useful application for those who want to learn English because everyone has a different mother tongue and English is not the primary language of every person so this learning tool based on VR technology will be more effective and useful nice hunt

Virtual reality is making learning easy and interactive. English learning is important and there are many who wants to learn the English language so this is the one for them to learn and become an expert in this language. Superb Hunt

Great hunt dear friend
As everyone wants to learn and improve their english language, so this VR technology which provide an effective and intresting environment for learning english will be be very helpfull.
Thanks for sharing with us.

People who adopt English as a foreign or second language often find it difficult to have a sound grip on target language.
Learning through VR would enhance their capabilities to acquire language learning skills easily and effectively.

English is a common language worldwide and highly used for business purpose but there are huge number of people who dont have good command on English language. This VP application is great innovation to make people expert in English. Great Hunt

What a great and amazing hunt. Learn english language with vr technology its to much interesting and helpful. I m also little bit weak in english to use this application and improve my english. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

This educational VR application is awesome. This VR application helps people learn English. Many people have a lot of knowledge of English language. This application is very good for them. This is a very good innovation.

Stuff like this is very good to be shared in our community. Thanks a lot for your great job hunter

English is an important and most wanted language in the word. People always try to have grip on it. There are different effective ways to learn it. But this would be an excellent idea to learn English with the virtual reality technology. ConVRse is a handy tool for the students to learn English with a real experience.

Impressive Hunt.

English is very popular and widely accepted language. This product can help us to learn English in very innovative way. Really awesome product great find on the web.

Convrs is an awesome new VR application that can help us to learn new languages. It's much more unique and interactive than anything I've seen before. Great Hunt 😁

Awesome ONe!
I love VR gadget and it is one of the best way to teach English to the kids. It makes learning fun and even more enjoyable.
Thank You and Have a GooD daY!

I always like to educational apps. Hope this virtual reality system helps for learning English. I also like this. Thanks for share.

English is an international language, Anywhere you go, you are able to interact with peoples if you know english. This app can play an important role in learning english for a lot of peoples. that includes traders, students, & many more.

Awesome Hunt

great hunt. i had posted a hunt yesterday about improving english conversation skills and i am sure in VR, it would be even better. it can also be used to teach shy boys the ability to flirt with or talk to opposite sex, or give a presentation but first is to improve conversations in VR.

Amazing and entertaining way of learning English. It will make learning easier for non native speaker. Great hunt

For those who don't belong to western countries, it is not easy to speak and learn English, but with this awesome vr device, it will be easy now.

This is the best way to learn English language. It will be a wonderful moment to learn English through virtual reality. I am also learning English, I know English but I'm not perfect so I'm gonna try this.


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  • Use of virtual reality
  • Easy to learn English.
  • outstanding experience.
  • NOt much expensive.


  • non


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