Unreal Engine 4 - Make AR VR Games that look like they came from Hollywood

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Unreal Engine 4

Make AR VR Games that look like they came from Hollywood




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Hunter's comment

Hello AR VR fans,

You want sexy, gorgeous, photorealistic action that glides across the screen?

Last time I talked about Unity3d, the engine for creating and building AR, VR, 3d games and more. Today I'm talking to you about its biggest competitor, Unreal Engine.

Four words:

Just like the movies.

Built for VR and AR, Unreal Engine is also used by the movie industry for its amazing content creation engine. Let's talk about performance.

When it comes to real-time technology, Unreal Engine is second to none. Games are ultimately developed in C++ (time to get your OOP pointers right!) but it is also the fastest language for this type of work. This is why low-latency program traders on Wall Street are always looking for C++ programmers. I can't remember the exact details why it's the fastest and frankly I don't care anymore but I think it's because of the object file that gets created after compile. Anyway, that's not important (and I'll stop flexing now). What is important is that if you want photoreal rendering in real time (would you accept anything less?) then you want Unreal Engine. They've made it so that developers can quickly iterate (sprints!!) on ideas and see immediate results without having to do any coding ... unless they want to.

"Achieving Hollywood-quality visuals out of the box".

Impress your friends with a scene full of physically-based rendering and the type of movement, shading, lighting and reflections that impressed you the first time you saw the first Ironman.

To me, this is the most impressive feature:

Advanced AI-controlled characters

Unreal Engine's Advanced AI means it's easy to create AI-controlled characters that have increased spatial awareness of the world around them, characters who can make smarter movements. This includes optimal pathing at all times.

And here are some other big features:

Blueprint visual scripting

Now you can rapidly prototype and ship interactive content without coding. I guess blueprints are like scaffolds, if you know Rails and Cake.

Film-Quality Post-Process Effects, State-of-the-Art Cinematics

What it sounds like. I never worked in Hollywood, so I can't talk like I know.

Robust Multiplayer framework

20+ years of experience with this means that they've figured out the formula.

VFX & Particle Systems

Physically-based modeling. This is actually kind of standard among these types of engines, though.

Easily build large, open world environments

Use their advanced Landscape system containing terrain and foliage.

I took these screenshots from the website and color-corrected them.




Hunter: @meditateonthat


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Yeah, that sure looks neat!
I've actually been doing some "historical" gaming posts lately, covering noteworthy games released in certain years and Unreal engines have always delivered great titles to play throughout the years, so I'm sure this one would be no exception

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