Stealth Cam G45 NGX Trail Cam - Stealth Trail Cam with password protection

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Stealth Cam G45 NGX Trail Cam

Stealth Trail Cam with password protection





Hunter's comment

Have you been finding coyote tracks on your property and now you just can't stop thinking about this 65-lb creature?

Have some of your turkeys and game hens disappeared suddenly?

Your neighbors said something about seeing a bear??

You've seen some big turkey tracks but just how big is he??

Now you can found out who is roaming the property. There are a lot of trail cams on the market, but this one has some of the best features.

You'll be surpised who's really out there at night

A stealth trail cam may surprise you. You'll need a good one to stand up to the rigors of being mounted to a tree in all types of weather. By "good one", I mean one that takes clear pics in low light and is triggered correctly. And what if someone steals your camera or just the SD card that you so carefully placed and waited for? That's where you need password protection.

Key Features:

  • NG stands for No-Glow which means no visible flash! Advanced Low-Light Sensitivity means superior low-light performance so it can shoot all night.

  • 4-resolution camera
    Supports 22mp and 1080P HD recordings, up to a max of 180 seconds. Clearer pics with Blur Reduction Technology. With audio and time-lapse.

  • Trigger is 0.5 seconds (less than 0.5 seconds activation speed) with multi-zone detection

  • 100 Ft infrared range; uses 45 black IR emitters

  • LCD screen is easy-to-see and has programmable inputs

  • Choose between trigger burst mode or manual shots

  • Secure Lock Digital Protection --SD card slot can be password-protected



Hunter: @meditateonthat

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thanks for this interesting hunt. Don`t have coyotes here but it could be interesting catching the wild cats outside :)

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Really like the product
full of possibilities
cool looking
gorgeous design
a simple solution to many people
No cons as it is helpful

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