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RE: Steemhunt ABV 2.0 - Introducing Hunter Level-based Steemhunt Upvotes | New Category Search Feature

in #steemhunt4 years ago

Great to see the new features. Sounds like SH is learning a lot :-D and implementing those learnings as fast as it can!

Interesting that the hunter reputation system philosophy (1.2.1) rewards hunter/curation* participation as opposed to hunter/curation quality. I think this might be a good approach to take because a lot of loyal supporters aren't able to produce top hunts or top comments/votes, but their consistency as loyal supporters is invaluable. Of course, dedicated SH supporters who consistently put up top hunts are the ideal, but dedicated top-performers are very scarce (real world problem).

*I assume the hunting/curation includes voting/commenting


Thanks! We may need to encounter another type of abusers since this new system, but we analysed/compared the risks between previous vs expected new abusers, and think it can be manageable for the new expected abusing attempts :)

Well, really this is the best update so far

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