L3D Cube - Hackable, interactive 3D LED Cube

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L3D Cube

Hackable, interactive 3D LED Cube



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Maybe you like to hack pretty lights or you just like to look at them. Maybe you're a raver.

Try the L3D Cube.

This is your light show on the go.
Use your mic for music visualizations.
Shake the cube to change the visualization.

It's hard to describe all the features of this cube because that would be like trying to describe the useful features and functionalities of art. If you're a hacker, you can get creative with the pretty lights.

Don't underestimate the mesmerizing quality of pretty moving lights.

Both of these versions are wifi-enabled and support Arduino.
The mid-size cube has 512 lights.
The largest version has 4096 lights. Go wild.




Hunter: @meditateonthat


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