Inkbox temporary tattoos - 2-week tattoo lets you make a temporary bad decision

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Inkbox temporary tattoos

2-week tattoo lets you make a temporary bad decision


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Are you a bad bitch itching for a tattoo but don't want the commitment? Or the pain or cost or regret or toxic chemicals, for that matter.

Inkbox gives you a 2-week tattoo so you can make a temporary bad decision. Without the pain of needles. Using only safe, organic ingredients.

Guess it's kind of like an e-cigarette except no one will be able to tell the difference!!

The founder says that the company is a biochemical company that produces a fashion accessory.

Look bad, the safe and organic way

The ink is organic and sinks into only the top layer of the skin and uses the magic of chemistry to change color. The active compounds of the ink come from a plant in South America.

Easy to apply in just 15 minutes.

There are numerous designs to choose from. The shop boasts 600 designs or you can go freehand, baby.

Check out some of their gaming and fandom tattoo designs



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Pros and Cons
-Temporary tattoo = can change your drawing whenever you like
-Organic and safe, doesn't harm you and the environment

-Cannot make your own designs or things with meanings accordingly (especially if you are bad artist)

Actually the website says you can draw freehand or make your own designs but I haven't tried that 😊
Thanks for your comment

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Thanks for your comment. No commitment ✌️

Here is my review for your product:


  • It is safe and organic way
  • Very useful to prevent bad decision
  • Easy to apply
  • Many designs can choose


  • Nothing for this product I can find

My comment:
It is nice to help people to "try" the tattoo first. I like it.

For this product, I like to mark it as

Good work on hunting, thank for bring us a good product

(Please noted that it is my personal opinion only)

thank you for your comment! yes why not TRY before you BUY :o)

Nice Hunt!


  • it being organic
  • easy to use
  • promises to be long lasting


  • price isn't really that cheap
  • most likely be "used" by d**ks (in my personal opinion you should either commit and get you the tattoo you want or have none at all)

are d**cks people who don't want to commit??
i think some people don't realize what the tattoo is actually going to look like on their skin ... if they like the "test drive", they can get it inked permanently!
thanks for your comment

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