Waking Violet - Classic 2D top-down puzzle game

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Waking Violet

Classic 2D top-down puzzle game



Hunter's comment

Waking Violet is puzzle game.

In this game you need to move the blocks.

There are 40 levels of intricate puzzles

If you not able to solve or stuck in the game, then there is a rewind option.

"And for one week only you can get the game for a nice 30% discount - so under 5 bucks. A true bargain!"

The is about a a shy teen who got stuck in her dreams and not able to come out of it.

When you solve each puzzle, you get close to come out of the dream.

The game has hand-drawn graphics with down tempo music.




Hunter: @mdshra


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  • There are lots of levels that you can play this game
  • The game has amazing features that you will enjoy playing
  • It has stunning graphic animations
  • You will solve and find a solution to the problem in the game


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