POLYMAIL - A new kind of email platform that improve team collaboration

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A new kind of email platform that improve team collaboration



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Polymail is a new kind of email platform that helps teams collaborate, be more productive, and work better, together.

Polymail helps you automate your team's workflows. improve there productivity, allow you to share any kind of informations with team.
Features of Polymail

  • Unlimited email tracking
  • Snooze emails to be read later, when you need them.
  • Schedule emails to automatically be sent later - whenever you want.
  • Calendar integration makes it easy to schedule meetings over email.
  • Detailed contact profiles give you everything you need to know about who you're emailing.
  • One-tap unsubscribe removes unwanted spam in an instant.
  • Attachment and Click tracking
  • Activity Feed
  • Quickly organize your inbox with customizable swipe actions.
    Link to Polymail website
    Link to Polymail IOS store




Hunter: @mdeecoded


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Very good hunting, this is a more organized email, I like the idea of ​​eliminating spamm messages and full contact profiles. offers security and stability, great service. Regards!

Oh yeah,....its very nice

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Postmail , i think similar gmail , but not popular but im signup and using the mail provider...

Good hunt


You can snooze emails
Auto matic sender
Easily handle bulk emais



This is really nice and good. This will in a way help everyone be in the collaboration during work time. Congrats to this awesome hunt!

this will really help