Traveler - Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool

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Ultimate Distraction-Free Writing Tool



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As a writer, there are lots of word processing hardwares and softwares out there for use. Most of this devices have other uses, like checking news feed, browsing, games, and lots more and thus, we tend to be distracted when making use of them.
Focusing on the main purpose of writing, the Freewrite smart typewriter was released.
As a further improvement in terms of size, weight and looks, the freewrite traveler is out.

Here are some eye-catching features:

✅ 4-week battery life*
✅ E Ink™ screen
✅ Less than 2 lbs
✅ Full-size keyboard
✅ Folding design for maximum portability
✅ Syncs to Dropbox, Evernote, and Google Drive
✅ Zero distractions



Hunter: @mcyusuf

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This is a nice Hunt from you @mcyusuf, you deserve some accolades for bringing this Hunt.
Traveler is a writing tool which help you to focus on what you are writing. It a distraction free pen if you will like to concentrate on what you are writing.

Keep it up and have more good Hunts💞💞


  • Very low in size
  • Folding Design
  • Bettery life is very good
  • Sync to G Drive or Dropbox easily


  • None


  • 28 days of uninterrupted usage
  • light weight
  • Foldable


  • nothing

Great Hunt!!!

This is very useful when travelling. Most of this devices have other uses, like checking news feed, browsing, games, and lots more

Thumb up @mcyusuf

Cool hunt my friend @mcyusuf. Looks very interesting.
Keep hunting amazing products.
Wish you great success here on steemhunt.