Gradient hunt - A collection of color gradients

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Gradient hunt

A collection of color gradients



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Hunter's comment

The beauty of life is sought from it's variety of colors. From solid colors to different blends of various colors to give a more astonishing awesomeness.
Gradient hunt comes in as a platform where one can find a wide variety of color gradients collections for free. Users can also decide to create and share their own gradients. It's much more fun getting the colors together in unique forms.


  • The collections are available free for users to download in PNG format.
  • In case one isn't interested in the available gradients, the user can decide to create his.
  • Favorite gradients can be saved with a like.

All pictures are screenshots from my device (Tecno Camon X)



Hunter: @mcyusuf

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Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Who doesn't love a good gradient ay! Nice hunt, I'm keen to see more
new (this project was created june2018) products like this show up on SH.

Thanks for the cool comment.

Here is my review for your product:


  • Very useful for designers
  • It is free
  • Save our time and energy


  • Nothing for this product

My comment:
Can reduce stress when thinking color tone.

For this product, I like to mark it as

Good work on hunting, thank for bring us a good product

(Please noted that it is my personal opinion only)

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