Portableapps - An application that let use use app without installing them

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An application that let use use app without installing them



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If you are you the type that love to access your file from any computer.
Then i will say portable application is what you need, the application can be use on external device like USB drive.
Currently on portableapps platform, there are ready common portable apps that can be used on any computer with the aid of a flash drive.
You don't have to be a computer or software specialist before you can make use of portableapps.
There are over 400 apps available on portableapps platform. As the platform is an opensource website. This has made it possible for lot of contributor to participate in the introduction of more portable application.
Some of the application available are telegram, chrome, xamp, msql and so many.

What you waiting for it is time to explore the application, as you don't need to worry about using your application on any computer.




Hunter: @mayowadavid


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Great hunt @mayowadavid

I know this app and I'm using it, it's a really awesome app. An app that allows you to use app without installing them on the computer.

You are wright @rtonline. This is uch a great app to have

According to SteemHunt posting guideline # 5.2

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Would you please write the short description according to SteemHunt posting guidelines?

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Thank you.

I have edit the product name and product description

Still not correct. Please read the following 2 posting guidelines about how to write the product name and the short description in a correct way:

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Portable App is the name while portableapps.com is the name of the platform to download Portable App. You got me confuse, when i saw do not duplicate product name. It has been corrected to the official product name portable App

Product name is : Portableapps (Not portable App, as you wrote; please correct it)

Short description is wrong. Please write another one that describes this product.

Delisted, as edits were not made as requested, more than 24 hours.

@monajam, it has now been corrected.

Ok, you guys should try and re adjust the word do not duplicate the product name
Make use of the official product name
This are conflicting words, am glad you work on your rules

Please make sure to properly read the 7 posting guidelines before posting your next hunt.
Good luck.

:thumbsup: Boosted by @calprut :innocent:

:point_right:I'm sure your hunt is "Undervalued". So i decided to give support. I hope it will be at least on top 100 today:point_left:

I decided to upvote this because i used it too @mayowadavid. It's really simple to bring any apps anywhere.

thank you @calprut am glad you found my hunt helpful.

I must say that I am overwhelmed by this product which lets us use apps without installing them. This is simply astounding and it will save a lot of space that would have been occupied by app


Good to know you are familiar with the application.

Forgot they had their own operating system too.

It work on windows, that is a screenshot of some of the apps i am using.


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