Magento - Magento is a modern open source e-commerce platform

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Magento is a modern open source e-commerce platform



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Hunter's comment

Many have always love to have their own e-commerce website, but they are always stuck with the right platform to use. If you are one of those that is still confuse on the right platform to build your e-commerce website.

I will say magento is all you need, with magento you will be able to build a secure and fast e-commerce website. With magento you will have an amazing shopping cart for good shopping experience, including email, mobile, in-store, shipping and marketplaces.

Magento is SEO friendly, you don't need to worry about getting your product appear on various search engine first page. Top, e-commerce website are usually built with magento because of their love of the php platform. So you don't have to left behind, go and build your e-commerce website with magento.



Hunter: @mayowadavid

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this is cool @mayowadavid, especially for entrepeneurs or businessman that want to make their business online.

Oh ya, i found the Magento Youtube Channel if anyone here want to know more about this open-source service and platform.

@calprut thanks for the support, am glad those that are reading your comment will find it helpful.

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Well done!

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E-commerce is so popular today and it will be more popular in the future. It is nice to see an open-sourced one Magento, so it can be contributed sure Iwill also check Magento Youtube Channel, Perfect hunt.

E-commerce is very important nowadays, and I see a good product here featured by your side

@riemanntv, i hope you make good use of it.

With this site you will be able to create a secure and fast e-commerce site. You'll also have a great shopping cart for a good shopping experience like e-mail, mobile, store, shipping and grocery stores. These features are very good. Thanks for sharing.

@caracash good to know you know about magento

WOw this thing is really amazing!!!!
Now days there are a lot of open source programs but this is first one I came to know about which is about E-commerce.
Awesome hunt!

Am glad you have learnt something new about open source project.

Magentos seemed like a great project.
Those who are close to creating your online store should have a look.
I like it to be seo friendly.

Yea, magento is wonderful platform especially those that want to create an e-commerce website.

I think I have to build one asap, I have been looking for something like this a long ago, thanks hunter

@sola3097 am glad you find my hunt helpful.


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Great Hunt
Awesome user interface.
it's user friendly.
Best eCommerce Solution That I have ever seen.
Starting for website interface to their project is 5 out of 5.

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