Dukto - A wireless application to transfer large file

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A wireless application to transfer large file


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Hunter's comment

Dukto is by far the best application i have ever use so far, to transfer multiple file from one pc to another. The simplicity of use and connection, make it easy to use.
All i have to do is connect my two pc to a stable wifi connection.
The application does not need internet connection, before it will recognise the other pc using the application software.

Dukto application is available for windows, linux, IOS, Symbian and Adroid.

One of the feature i like about the application is that, it does not necessarily require the same OS before it can operate effectively.

You are going to find this fun and easy to use, go and explore dukto application.




Hunter: @mayowadavid


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Great hunt @mayowadavid!

I've read some reviews and people talk about having a more then decent speed while using this, and that's something nice to have.

Good to know you got a positive review. It is such a cool application to have. It make things easy and fast, it also support drag and drop.

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@urbangladiator thank you for taking the community forward.

This one looks pretty cool. I like this type of handy tools for PC and I make my own repository to have them all in one place. I can put this one there and also use it to transfer files. Thanks for sharing it.

Yea it is a cool application, it has been of great help to me.

I have used ShareIt in past and have found it to be very helpful. But the thing was that it can be used between 2 phones or a PC/Mac and a phone.
But, this application looks good as it can help connect 2 PCs together. This is a nice way to transfer data between 2 desktops/laptops. Nice hunt.

Good to know this is helpful to you.


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