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Appshuttle a platform to create mobile application



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Have you always Imagine, if it is possible to create an application, by just drag and drop.

What i mean by drag and drop, is to drag and drop any element you want your application to have.

No more imagination, Appshuttle will turn all these imagination of yours into reality.

Appshuttle can be use by anybody, because you don't need to have any coding knowledge or experience. The platform will do the whole coding for you. You are the supervisor, Appshuttle is the engineer.

As you will be the one to supervise your app creation from scratch, with just visual drag and drop. There are no ugly templates or biased screen designs.

Application created via Appshuttle can be operation on android or ios device. This simply means after creating your application, you can upload it to either Ios or Google playstore.

Now that you know that you can create your own application, without any knowledge of coding. What are you waiting for, be an application creator with Appshuttle.



Hunter: @mayowadavid

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It is great that I don't need to have any coding knowledge or experience for dropping or carpping an app by Appshuttle. Sure I will download it.

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Thanks i will put that into consideration.

Incredible is a great opportunity for many people who have ideas for interesting applications. It's all a breakthrough for anyone with aspirations to create their own app and who has no knowledge of coding. Excellent hunting.


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