Odeen - Publish books for free and earn when someone reads

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Publish books for free and earn when someone reads



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Hello my hunter friends, Today I am going to present a hunt name Odeen. Basically, it is an online platform where authors can publish their books without costs.
While someone read his book, then the author gets money.




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Nice platform I believe and there are plenty of good quality authors who are not getting the limelight despite creating nice contents/books this could be a nice platform for them to get some extra penny for their efforts. Nice hunt !!!

Readers are always the leaders and kudos to all the writers out there who make our world lovely. Odeen is another platform for writers to share their stories, knowledge and tales with readers online. With this, authors can publish their books with no cost and importantly earn some money from publishing his/her books. Nice hunt!

This is really great product for increase interest about reading. It is free online book plate form when you read something then author earn money . Nice hunt

A great app that encourages both writers and readers. No need to look for where to sell your books, just share them on odeen and earn. Thanks for sharing

Sounds like a great idea. New authors struggles to publish their book and also can't get any return cost. But I am not sure if the readers have to pay or not.
Nice hunt!


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