Valiant Hearts The Great War - Battle in a WWI thriller

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Valiant Hearts The Great War

Battle in a WWI thriller



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Take up the roles of four forgotten heroes as you immerse yourself in their world. An emotional novel that adopts a synergy between action, puzzle and adventure. The story is unfolded in a unique style that invokes emotions and captures attention.

Relive each hero's moments as you fight for survival in the chaotic environment. Infiltrate and sneak through enemy defenses, Journey through emotional episodes as you help a young soldier find his love and go back fight historical battles in a WWI setting.

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  • Educative and Captivating
  • Immersive and intriguing storyline
  • Stylish cartoon art
  • Incorporates the trio of puzzle, action and adventure.


  • None



Hunter: @marvel1206

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This game is very stylish and advanced in look. If you like adventure games then you should try it for once. You will loce it. It is not only a fun game but an educative game as well. Good Luck with your hunt. :)

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Interesting game, a story a little sad but very interesting to play. Simple but nice graphics that most computers can support.

This game seems like imagining the concept in form of human in my head, your dog will have to walk and come back to you and follow you everywhere to guild you


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