SteemX - A new way to exchange STEEM for FIAT

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A new way to exchange STEEM for FIAT



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This looks like a really interesting new way to convert your STEEM to your local currency.

You have to register with your Steem username and you get assigned a wallet address. Send your STEEM or SBD to this wallet address and with a small fee which is equivalent to a normal exchange (around 5% in total), you can end up with funds that are withdrawable to your Paypal account.

From STEEM to FIAT can take as little as 30 minutes with no limit for verified users.

Also, they have a charity donation scheme; for every transaction over 50 STEEM, 1 STEEM is donated to help put a child through school.

Looks like they are also going to introduce an SDK and API to allow third party integrations.

Looks very promising as a new gateway for STEEM to FIAT conversions.



Hunter: @markangeltrueman

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This is the beginning of something great. Being able to convert Steem and SBD straight to local currency is how we grow our platform. Unfortunately 5% is still ridiculously high, not to mention paypals cut. But this is a great start. Awesome hunt


Yeah, it is a bit high, but some might say that convenience of it, especially if you are shifting a smallish amount around, is worth it.

Awesome hunt ! Your hunt is now verified.

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Great hunt. Exchanging Steem for fiat is obviously an advantage and having more options like this will make people flock to Steem even more.


Hi @markangeltrueman,
Thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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being able to transfer to paypal makes this very easy to use
for transactions under $100 ID is not required
easy to use and fees are modest

none that I can see

wow, this is a good and fast way to convert some steem to fiat, without having to exchange it for BTC. It will also lessen transaction costs. Great hunt.

looks like interesting.. all of us here uses steem and sbd.. sometimes it is really a problem converting those tokens to fiat.. Only few allows us to directly converts those tokens to fiat.. Before, I used to convert steem/sbd to BTC and then BTC to fiat.. Thanks for your hunt. Now I could have options to convert to fiat..


Great Hunt!

This is really a good hunt, New way of converting those steem into an easy and convenient way. Thanks for sharing this.


That is a step in the right direction. STEEM to Fiat is vital. I cannot say that the 5% excites me but it is the first step. As more exchanges come online, we could see this change.

Super find, I mean hunt.

thank you for sharing this one
It is easier to buy/sell to fiat money with this one.
But i'll try to compare the charge from other exchanger.
one more question, it has a affiliate program?


Not that im aware of.


ok brother, thanks :-)

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great hunt indeed. Great for those who find difficulty in cashing out Steem to Fiat. However, i think a few of my mates mention that a number of Exchanger is building accepting Steem as well. Oh well, this is awesome hunt. Cheers.

Wow, I think this is a very unusual platform, I am very interested in this platform, besides functioning to convert I can also contribute to children who are in desperate need of school assistance

Waoo! This is a very helpful hunt for those that are on cryptocurrency platform like me.
You can easily convert you steem to Fiat/ to your local currently. The platform also has a charity donation scheme to get a child to school. Good job @markangeltrueman

keep it up and have More good Hunts💞💞

I really like the incentive for every 50 STEEM and putting 1 STEEM to help in a charity cause. Nice to see more ways to bring our STEEM to FIAT and make things easier.

Excellent platform, I thought there would be no way to change money from Papal to Steem, not only that, its interface is very good and compact, I like this site, at some point I will try it.

A useful system for society. For example, for each process over 50 STEEMs, 1 STEEM is donated to help a child go to school. I think it is very useful. Thanks for sharing

SteemX makes use of third party money transfer channels such as Paypal, ZellePay and Square Cash at the moment, as a result any country that can withdraw to their bank accounts or credit/debit cards can use SteemX.

This is amazing, because literally you can convert to any currency, with this service. We need more such kind of services, to convert and withdraw to take steem to moon.

This is great, convenient way to have an exchange, cool of it, we can also help those kids send to school. I will try this one, thanks!

They should keep the fee fee a little lower. A good way to convert your STEEM into your local currency. Nice alternative to friends who want to try. Thank you.

Oh well, this is awesome hunt. Cheers.

It is good to see these kinds of platforms. They will be useful for both Steemit and also for us. Thanks for sharing SteemX.

This is really cool.. we can send our steem and sbd and receive payment in PayPal. It will be easy for those who want to exchange steem and sbd to normal curriencies

When steem exchange websites, platforms become more common, it will help to increase Steem's price. Thanks for sharing. Perfect hunt.


We need more services like this in the Steem blockchain. It's a great way to make it easier for users to convert their STEEM without having to go through the exchanges, trading their STEEM for a gateway altcoin, then trading that into fiat. This way, users will just have to make one request for fiat, and everything else will be done for them in the backend. Thanks for featuring this!

I need to try this out

Makes things easy here and no limit for verified users

This is great for the community, no more steem to other crypto to fiat

my limit was listed with email verification. Great hunt!

Interesting hunt @markangeltrueman. This is great and deserves to be on top! We're always been dreaming of having STEEM to Fiat exchanges in many platforms. You got my 100%

Brilliant idea! An easy way to exchange or convert to fiat and also we can help by donating every exchange we do. Interesting hunt friend!

How difficult is their identification process? I have been turned away from 4 exchanges because they say my face doesnt match either piece of government id I tried to use.

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you can exchange $100 with no ID, with a simple email verification, my limit was lifted.


Oh well that is very useful. I will have to check them out later today. Thanks!

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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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Yeah heard of about it will try it our soon If possible ;)
All the best to it .
thanks for the info

Waaow, this is a great development for the Steem ecosystem! It makes it very easy to convert Steem & SBD to fiat and vice-versa.

But gateway charges of 5% is in addition to 1.8% charges by Steemx but I would like to check how much exactly it cost to me to actually withdraw some Steem to my bank account. I hope my wallet there is safe too.

Thanks for posting this!

This is so cool, a very easy way to turn steem into fiat, thanks for posting!