The 5 most secret and secure places in the world

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Friends, we use different types of protection measures to save precious things. We use signature, locker or any other security system to store any of our valuable things. If you think that the lock is more secure, then you are living in the wrong world. Today I introduce you to a few protected areas whose security system is very difficult. Your health may not be accurate if you know about their safety measures. Then, do not start talking further ...

  1. Fort Cox

You may have heard about its security a lot. In this building, 10 thousand tons of gold, valuable valuable documents (such as: Meghnachart) are kept. This building was built in 1936. Over time, the building has been technically improved. Even the government has appointed a very skilled security guard trained here, they have their own messinin. And its doors are made such that atom bombs can not do anything of it.


Not only this, we can weigh 22 tons in the door to enter, so even if nobody wants to open the door. And the wall of the building is 4 feet thick, so if someone wants to break the wall will not be easy. Still, the building has insider trading in various layers of securities and hard surveillance

  1. The Whit House
    white house You can think of what is impossible at the WHITE House. But before you tell me that there is more security systems than your thoughts.
    white house Biometric scans need to be done by cutting the gates from the gates of the iron walls to the bulletproof door. You may have heard about this but the real security system is all about the Secret Service. Kenona's real purpose is to provide President's protection in any way. As a security guard, it is appointed as a skilled, intelligent and quosulal guard from the whole world, not just America. There are 2300 commandos employed here 24 hours. By which it is possible to fight and prevent moderate fighting. Also 1300 commands are always kept in backup and the unit is always active.

  2. The Federal Reservet


This building, situated in Manhattan, is a very secure building. It is so safe that if anybody wants to keep the property of his own country, then the Reserve Bank can be left alone. There are 12 federal reserve banks in the whole of America, among which the New York bank is the most secure claim. It is made under 80 feet of carvings and 10% of the world's gold is stored in this

Only three people can enter this bank account and these three people must be present at the same time if they need to enter. Where the gold is placed it is 90 tonne cylinder and when it is closed, the wind can not even go out of it. For the safety of the cylinder, arrangements have been made to keep 7 feet thick wall around it and 24 hours of continuous maximum security arrangements have been made.

  1. Korean Demilitarizatiotried zone

You know that a thin line has been arranged to separate North Korea and South Korea, and it is also known as the Korean Dimitriz Zone. It is one of the safest places in the

The main reason for this is that many people are getting in touch with neighboring countries, even if they are hand-picked and caught in a lot of time. This area has always been arranged with an extra large field area with a thorn wire. If someone is seen crossing the budder, then there are orders to shoot without a word.

  1. Iron Mountain

It is located on the hills of Penicelia. Many valuable things or property of different countries have been kept here. You may not believe it, but it has been made of 17 million square feet. Including Einstein's original photos, millions of valuable items are stocked.


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