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My First Coding Robot



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Friends, how are you all today I brought you a coding robot for you, of course, by making this robot your kids and college students can learn a lot, they will learn about coding and it is very easy to take the learning curve in programming anywhere. kind coding robot is perfect for little learners,

It is very easy to solve large problems very easily while this coding robot is undergoing the process of writing and rewriting the code by changing the sequence of blocks in the control panel.

EL10T coding blocks introduce young minds to programming and programming concepts. Coding blocks program directions and EL10T's movement-left turn, right turn and forward.
Build important logic, problem-solving, sequencing and critical thinking skills

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coding bots are super learning devices, even for adults, than certainly for kids. coding, means thinking in structures which develops the logic side of things. solving problems requires to create sub-problems that are manageable and solve them one by one, whilst not forgetting about the bigger picture. technology will become much more important in the (near) future than it was a few decades ago, but less people are studying beta type of topics. therefore it becomes even more important to start early learning our children what logic is, and how to use and apply it. super hunt!

It's really interesting item. I am a computer programmer. So I want to teach my 6-year-old son programming. Because I thinks he must learn it to grow up on the internet world. I can teach him programming easily with this. I really like this and I'd like to buy it for my son. Thank you for sharing!

Cool Hunt!

Hello, I really appreciate your effort and Here is my opinion about this hunt-
The concept is really amazing and can transform the learning process of kids but it is not affordable for every student. Well,What do you think about it let us know along with its price?

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I really like this type of unique invention. Robots helps every field pf our life. This good looking robot helps you to teach coding our kids very easily. Coding learning is very important now a days. Your kids learning in early age thats to good for our kids future. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

Looks like a great robot to build, as I am a programmer, i would love to try it and after trying, i can easily say, it is my first ever robot that i coded myself ;)

This is good way to learn in building robot while coding on it. That makes us to learn in easy way for the better future. I love the simple design tho :)

Robots are bringing ease in our lives.they attract all of us towards them.this is the time of learning all about them because they are fastly taking place in our lives.our children must have awareness about them.I like it's concept of coding and programming to teach children some basic and necessary steps.which could help them in their life.


  • Cool looking robot..
  • Easy to built.
  • Learning for everyone.
  • joyful for kids.


  • non.

hmm, the codding robot seems an awesome solution for peoples who have interested in building or codding robot. It will help then to learn the basics of building a robot.

For kids it can be a start of learning about programming.I have always been in favour of teaching kids all those things which are needy and demand of time.things can be easy in future for them after using these kind of coding robots.good hunt.

Pretty amazing
Now our kids can easily learn to code with this bot

People who want to coding and programming with this product will learn both fun and faster than other programming products.

Price: $ 89.95

Awesome One!
It is really helpful and I appreciate your effort @mamun123456 as after a long time you come up with a cool and helpful hunt. This hunt definitely gonna be helpful for kids to learn new things and explore.
Thank You and I am waiting for your further more hunts as well...

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A Perfect coding robot for all kids to learn the concept of programming and coding to solve different problems. This type of educational robots is very helpful for every kid to learn the concept of writing code from the beginning and at early age nice hunt

Another powerful education too for kids. I love the great awareness that bots like this is helping to create about coding. Kids need to start coding early so that parents can help raise them into adults in tune with modern technology.

at least, it can be the very early programming for kids.

This introduces young minds to code robot and learn something intrsting. All motions like left right and forward build logic to to make kids skills.

EL10T coding blocks introduce young minds to programming and programming concepts. Coding blocks program directions and EL10T's movement-left turn, right turn and forward.
Build important logic, problem-solving, sequencing and critical thinking skills

Hi @mamun123456
This is very nice and useful and EL10T coding robot is a best assistant to learn coding. I liked the price as well as it costs only 89.95 USD which is a worth. Coding knowledge very important now a days because it helps to create many programs which can help to solver our problend and this is the best product to learn from it.


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