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Colibri - an organic motion sculpture

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an organic motion sculpture



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Hunter's comment

Is life nothing more than complex machinery, or is it something more? That's one of the big questions facing us today, as science tries to unravel the mysteries of nature and consciousness. But unlike the early ideas of philosophers like René Descartes -- who believed that animals were merely complex automata that did not have language or reasoning -- there does appear to be more to the picture, as we discover that animals can gossip, and even form form dialects.

But the "machinery" of movement is still interesting to break down and study, as artist Derek Hugger has done with this amazing kinetic sculpture of a hummingbird in flight. Using over 400 parts, this artwork is a pretty close imitation of a hummingbird hovering.

Hugger says:

"Colibri" is a wooden kinetic sculpture that simulates the motion of a hummingbird in flight. Every element of motion has been completely mechanized, from the beating wings to the flaring tail. Intricate systems of linkages and cams bring the sculpture to life with a continuous flow of meticulously timed articulations. As each mechanism has been linked to the next, Colibri cycles through its complete range of motions by the simple turn of a crank. This project took me roughly 700 hours and contains about 400 parts.

Dubbing it an "organic motion sculpture," Colibri is one of Hugger's many sculptures that explore the curiosities of movement and how to engineer them. Hugger's works are full of whimsical structures and compositions that wind up, open, close and spin.



Hunter: @maiyude

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Hi @maiyude,

Thanks for your hunt. Sadly enough, this pains me because the Colibri is truly awesome, after a brief deliberation with other mods we decided that plans, blueprints, aren’t product in the sense of Steemhunt’s product scope.

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This is a really cool product. thanks for the hunt.

awesome product, nice hunt.

Cool, great hunting
Artwork combined with mechanics and technology produces cool work
It takes skill and imagination of specific art
None, This work is cool