Baby Sittor - An App for both parents and babysitters

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Baby Sittor

An App for both parents and babysitters



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Babysittor is a useful app for both parents and babysitters. Parents can post babysitting offers whenever they want, notify their favorite babysitters quickly, with the "Smart Alert" which will send SMS and notifications to their favorite babysitters, rate and leave a comment to babysitters that they have booked through the app. Babysittors can build a great profile with nice pictures and a beautiful description, apply to babysitting offers close to their area, become the favorite babysitter of families you know, receive rates and comments from these families, get paid through the app.


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useful hunt for parents to take care of their baby with the help of this app. good one

Are the babysitters on this service interviewed and vetted? I'm not sure I'd like to leave my children with strangers, though I suppose it is no different to hiring a nanny.

This is a nice hunt and useful app for both kids and their parents


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