Purple Panda Lavalier Mic - A Small Lav, Condensor Mic for Smartphones, and alot more

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Purple Panda Lavalier Mic

A Small Lav, Condensor Mic for Smartphones, and alot more



Hunter's comment

If like me your smartphone records amazing 4K video but your sound is horrible like most, This Purple Panda Lav Mic is Perfect for you, from youtube videos, to vlogs, to vacation videos this mic will increase the quality of your recordings by a huge margin. I love everything about it from the Size, to the price, and all the accessories it come with, but also the price is Affordable, and amazing.

I found no official website, only the official Amazon product page where the company sells directly which I used for this post.




Hunter: @madscientistx13


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sorry we don't support amazon links, if you can provide the direct url to the product website where we can buy that would be great otherwise we have to delist.

I found the official site finally

great job. verified.

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wow! very good hunting @madscientistx13 this application is very useful for vloger and youtuber people to make it easier for them to make videos

It really is the most amazing mic for the money I have heard mics costing 3 times the price not sound as good as this one does

This is a great product! Great hunting job

Thanks for saying that, I do feel really good about this mic, I plan to use it alot myself in on my youtube channel.

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