Anidees Ai Aureola - Nice Anti-Vibration RGB Fans with Controller 3 Pack

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Anidees Ai Aureola

Nice Anti-Vibration RGB Fans with Controller 3 Pack



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Hunter's comment

I personally Own the Anidees AI Aureola RGB fan kit, and I love them.

The fans work exactly as they should, they seem very quiet to me, the RGB effects are amazing, and plentiful.

The Controller is Proprietary however, so you cannot use your onboard RGB fan headers, you must control these with the included controller which magnetically sticks inside the case wherever you want. Cable lengths are plenty long enough for most cases, as well as the included remote works perfectly.

If you are looking for a nice set of fans with RGB, good cooling, and great aesthetics I would highly recommend these especially since they are SUPER AFFORDABLE.



Hunter: @madscientistx13

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Very good hunting @ madscientistx13, this product is very good the truth I have always had warming up in my PC of games since I live in a publo something hot but with one of these I think my problem will disappear besides its price is very low in comparison with other cooling systems.

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