Windlicht - Windmill dancing lights

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Windmill dancing lights



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Have you seen a windmill that generates not just energy but also dancing lights? Not yet? Cheers to that! I too haven't seen one. 😊 Let's hope this Windlicht technology becomes widespread globally.

With special software and tracking technology, the system detects the windmill blades rotation and connect the blades through LED lights. The effect is like a light show in the sky.

The product was inspired by traditional Dutch windmill from 1740 and is aimed to celebrate the beauty of green energy.

Watch this video to see how it works.


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I love lights a lot as they just make you feel good - different colors different mood and you just like it. Windlicht adding the lights to the Windmill makes the surrounding even better and you just feel like admiring it. I also see that Windlicht has received an award and has been the Winner of Graphite Pencil Design and D&AD Awards UK. Nice hunt mate. Cheers.


Indeed, lights make life livelier and more colorful. And with a windmill? That is certainly something awesome. 😊

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Thank you.

This is really beautiful to see. A windmill that have lights is so relaxing to see to the people who's walking on the road. Good thinking for the maker. Good hunt


Yap, the dancing lights are very cool. If you watch it from a distance you may not even realize that it is because of windmills. 😊


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