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RE: Josh Micro - Smart device designed to talk and control your home

in #steemhunt2 years ago

If you have this in your home then just don't forget that you have a smart home because you might get a heart a attack when your home suddenly talks to you. Aside from that, tell your visitors beforehand that you have this device. Otherwise they might think of your house as haunted with ghosts. 😂

Kidding aside, this device will be very helpful to manage your home and let you be worry-free by doing what you command for it to do. It is like exclaiming "open sesame!" and the door will be opened on its own. 😊


@macoolette Hello dear friend, thank you very much for the good vibes, there should always be a space for humor or that would be of our lives.
Thank you very much for visiting and leaving a comenntario about my search I appreciate it very much
I wish you a beautiful day

Yap. I just thought we can smile for a while and not so serious all the time. 😊

@macoolette Again, thank you very much dear friend, you are very kind
I wish you a happy hunt

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