Zotac VR Go Backpack PC - Carry the PC for your VR on your back

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Zotac VR Go Backpack PC

Carry the PC for your VR on your back



Hunter's comment

It is a simple backpack to improve the experience of VR Gaming. You carry the gaming laptop in the backpack where it is cooled down.

It is working quite fast but it is also loud when working. For future widening there are only a few options.

The price is actually around 2 200 € but this does not include the VR glasses.

Due to a high interest caused by the Computex 2018 the website is most times not reachable. For further informations I also recommend to use the Amazon Link.




Hunter: @lynxtext


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Mini computer and backpack
Light weight with up to 2 hours playtime
2 hours to recharge
Extended playtime with hot swappable batteries
Battery status indicator
Freedom from a tangle of cables
Padded support and straps


None that I can see

Moderator Comment
It would be appreciated if you could add more information about the product in your comments. It took me some time to realize that this product is not a shoulder back designed for notebooks, but that the backpacked computer is specifically designed to be used for this backpack and the purpose of this is for VR.

Information like playtime, specification of hardware and main features why this product is so special would be also appreciated.

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