Skirmos - A completely open source laser tag project

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A completely open source laser tag project






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Laser Tag itself is nothing new, but Skirmos is completely open source and can be used the way players want it. Whether in pairs or in a large group. Whether in two, or many more different teams.
Whether it's free-for-all or capture the flag, or even as a replica from your favorite video game, Skirmos can be played in any manner you can think of.

The weapons are equipped with RGB LEDs and can change color when predefined events occur. For example, if you enter enemy territory or there are opponents nearby. Because the complete program is open source, the colors and events can be changed as you like

The most appealing part of the gun is the built-in colored LCD screen, which displays the most important things such as:

  • Health
  • Ammo
  • Kills/Deaths
  • Team Members
  • Objective Information
  • Game Timer
  • and anything else you want, because is open source. Whatever you want to be displayed on the screen, can be displayed.

For example: If the opposing team pulls the flag, this could be displayed. This allows you to play on a much larger area compared to normal laser tag.

Much more information can be found on the Kickstarter page.



Hunter: @lynxtext

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Thanks for hunting! :)

I love the product, but one thing: Can you remove ": Open Source Laser Tag" from the title? product name should only be a product name, not with extra description.


Thanks for the hint. Edited

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