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Internet and VPN Accelerator



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If you like privacy and you are tired of using VPN's that slow down your connection I present ProxaByte a pocket device that ensures your online presence and at the same time power of bandwidth up to x4 times.

How to use it:

  • connect PROXABYTE to macOS or Windows 10 using a standard USB2.0 interface for data and power without installing any software. Significantly increase bandwidth despite packet loss and latency with an internet and vpn accelerator that fits in your pocket.

If you doubt the capabilities of ProxaByte you can pre-order the product and if you do not like accounts with 15 days of trial to be able to return it and your money will be refunded.

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Hunter: @luisananava

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Good hunting @luisananava this great for people who work on big projects because they never know who is watching them to steal their ideas, it is also very small perfect to take anywhere and the best thing is that unlike other VPN this increases your internet speed considerably.

Fantastic Hunting

The will make my activities private to only me and I lie this product based in the specification by you .. Good hunt here


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Hey, thanks for the write up @luisananava!

It's always nice to see interest in something you've poured so much time and effort into, especially from around the world. As the VP of Research and Development for Terminus Positronics, I'd be more than happy to answer any questions anyone might have here.