iTableview - Camera Car by TTRobotix - WiFi version

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Camera Car by TTRobotix - WiFi version



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iTableviwe is a Wi-Fi controlled car that will allow you to adapt any professional camera or mobile phone to record videos or take pictures as a professional, also has a very good design and its materials are extremely resistant.


  • Automatic execution functionality available with adjustable address for video or time lapse photography.
  • Adjustable speed, circle radius and route for various needs.
  • Comes with 1/4 "and 3/8" holes for mounting cameras or equipment related to photography.
  • Compatible with the camera's sliders to take pictures from various angles.

Also right now it has a 30% discount, so take advantage and take it for only $ 209 here.



Hunter: @luisananava

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this should be employed mainly for movie and music video shooting, also for events coverage.

iTableviwe (I like it to be a mini car) is a car controlled by Wi-Fi (I do not like it so much because of Wi-Fi but it is interesting) it allows us to adapt any kind of professional cameras or mobile phones to record or take pictures as professionals (Professional photos and videos of luxury), also has a very good design and its materials are extremely resistant (almost indestructible) excellent hunting 👍😉.

Hello, @luisananava thanks for your hunt.

• WiFi Control
• Weight 950 gram

Great Hunt!

Very nice hunt, you have your camera wifi really effective because we have a lot of usefulness thanks to you so much a nice hunting

This is great for filming at angles you wouldn't normally be able to shoot. It's always interesting to look at things at different perspective.


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