Project Genesis - 3D Artificial Intelligence Space Survival Game On Eth Block

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Project Genesis

3D Artificial Intelligence Space Survival Game On Eth Block



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Hunter's comment

Project Genesis is in the alpha phase and by playing it you can earn Ethereum, which I found it is amazing.

The founders of the game created it to make blockchain easy, accesible and even you can understand how ethereum blockchain works by playing it.

Project Genesis will have a token sale in the next month. The game graphics can compete with fortnite from my point of view and you can see that in the video below.

It's fantastic, you have to fight with spacecrafts and to conquer them. The game contains the first artificial intelligence ship to have a soul which is really interesting.

It's a tactical game with missions and battles. You will love unlocking different cool spacecrafts.

Play Project Genesis as this new AI to discover the meaning of choice and morality as you attempt to uncover the secrets behind your mysterious mission.
I am looking forward for the launch of this game, I hope you will love it.



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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I have been watching the video trailer and have to admit that the graphics is really amazing and let's not forget it's a game on the blockchain. The idea of the game is unique and the fact that you can earn Ethereum is a major plus. I think slowly the whole game industry will move on the blockchain... it's just a matter of time. Great Hunt!

Graphically the game looks great, I like that when you attack an enemy ship you can get into that ship and attack the people who are inside it, I hope that the game is well optimized and I do not have bugs that ruin the experience as a user, in a few years if this game is successful, it will be the direct competitor of EVE Online.

Crypto users love to play this type of games that give them rewards and this game is also give their user etherium so everyone will want to play this game

A game that is supported on ethereum blockchain which is more interesting and fun to play. This is an awesome hunt, keep it up on your next hunt!

I find it very exciting this type of games, I love all that Star Wars and this game besides that you can win ethereum this luxury, great hunting, thanks

Wow .. So cool game here and we get to earn from playing this game here too .. This is so awesome .. .. Nice hunt

Tasks are a real tactical game that you can do and participate in wars. A game at the top level as graphics. They are very well designed in 3D. Thank you.

It's a survival game in space. I like these games. You can also win Ethereum. Two beautiful features together. He's bringing token to the market next month. Cool hunt.

I like playing Blockchain Based Games especially eth-based ones and I am happy to see Project Genesis. Thanks for sharing.

I checked Project Genesis' trailer and it is amazing, and it is also eth based. Thanks for sharing.

It looks very interesting game, i will wait for the official release. Another one in the Ethereum Blockchain, so many vames lately.
Good Hunt!!

I've seen alot of games on the block chain and it only gets better. It is the future. It aims to familiarize the player with the blockchain, etherum in particular and it is great. Nice hunt

Awesome! Another game built onbthe ethereum blockchain to make gaming fun and rewarding.

Woah another cool game powered by blockchain technology, in my opinion, the graphics was totally stunning and you are absolutely right, it can compete with some other games in terms of graphics. The most vital and interesting part here is it allows you to earn ethereum's by playing the game which made it even cooler! I hope someday they will also make some MOBA type of game and let you earn by winning every match. Job well done hunter! I will be giving this hunt a score of 5 out of 5💯

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This is another great hunt you shared today a game that actually runs on ethereum blockchain sounds and interesting. I’ll do well to try it out

Excellent game in blackchain

Good graphics, good music
On playing we earning along with learning. Such a cool idea.I like it.

It is a great concept, and had beautiful graphics. Highly enjoyable.

Most lovable Project Genesis

It looks like a good game. Feeling a fun game, powered by blockchain technology, You can earn ethereum by playing it. Wow nice game.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

just ah perfect click!!

Pros and cons
-get to learn blockchain
-Get to earn eth, one of the best token on earth

-will it be slow?

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I like the idea of gaming on ethereum sounds like its a good project I'll have to check out later

Excellent game. Every one will much enjoy it because it is good idea to earn money by playing game.

unnamed (1).gif

Your Hunt Is Very Wonderful



  • It is a team Vs team action game.

  • It has an excellent graphics.

  • It is to play.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. keep up with your wonderful hunt.


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