Cryptons - Start Collecting Cryptons Now & Earn Ethereum

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Start Collecting Cryptons Now & Earn Ethereum



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Hunter's comment

  • Cryptons is a collectible game with fictional versions of real-life public figures, on the Ethereum Blockchain.

  • Cryptons are handcrafted digital personalities on Blockchain ( Token based on the ERC-721 standard ) .

Each Crypton is represented by a hand crafted image based on a public personality and it is accompanied by a short edgy gagline.

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  • If you feel you are lucky, Insert your e-mail for weekly drawing and get Free Cryptons.

  • To can get start, you must download MetaMask

If you love playing games, why you play for free, enjoy this game to collect cool cryptons, to earn real money on Blockchain!



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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Hi @lordoftruth, would you mind changing the title to 'Cryptons'? Crypton Labs is the company that has created these crypto-collectibles.

Please make any edits through the Steemhunt Edit function on the website.



The title was edited to Cryptons.
I ask you so kindly to re-check as my hunt still hidden!
Thanks in advance

Great Hunt!


I really like blockchain games and this also sounds cool but to be honest it is basically the same as all others so far. Just saw a hunt (also today) of a completely new blockchain game finally bringing some gameplay into this: Coins and Steel

Keep on the good work!


Thanks for support and comment

Wow! Great friend hunting, this game seems great, hahaha I like the figures. They look very funny, I also love the idea of ​​playing and collecting some cryptocurrencies. Very good, greetings!

Wow, they are making so many eth-based games that you can't even spend couple of minutes on everyone. But to be honest most of them look like gamedev just want to get some almost free eth.

The image looks like a fictional character and it depicts the reality of popular leaders. Thanks for sharing this platform.

Awesome hunt.

This is a very good opportunity for someone to earn free crypto on the Ethereum Blockchain without having to invest any thing.

This game looks interesting because it makes use of the likenesses of real-life public figures. So, there's fun to be had in collecting them. For example, I just checked out the website and the Donald Trump character was owned by a user named "Mr. Putin", that's a nice, funny way to make a statement.

However, outside of your collection of public figures, there aren't enough games to keep my attention. Maybe it's just because they're new. But right now, all they have is a Mating Game where you match up personalities and see what their offspring would look like, and an Angry Mob game, which I have no idea what is for. Nonetheless, it's worth checking it out for yourself.


The best comment I read since my start 2 years ago on steemit.. thank you.. have a great weekend..


Thanks! I had a great weekend. Hope you did, too! 😃

This is really a cool hunt by you, one can even put his email address and if lucky can win some crypton and this crypton can further be used to earn etherum.

Thank you...steem on that hunt.

This one can be a great game for those who loves collecting stuff, by just looking on the images above, I see some personalities whose face were being gagged. Great hunt, collect and earn cryptons to earn real money. I will give this hunt a score of 4.7 out of 5.

I like everything about cryptocurrency and sure i will play Cryptons. Perfect hunt.

It's fun to play this game. We can use public figures to play it. I want to choose Obama LOL.

Playing game and make money on blockchain will be exciting experience.

Nice hunting, brother!

Hii @lordoftruth, "Cryptons" is Excellent Hunt for game lovers.

Its really cool for those who are fond of games and love to play latest versions of games. I think Cryptons is perfect for them which is almost free and also receive cryptons a real money on Ethereum Blockchain. well sharing and keep hunting man.

It is a wonderful way to collect Crypton and earn Ethereum by Crypton. I will check it, thanks for sharing.

It is great to see the games like "Cryptons" you can get rewarded by playing it. Perfect hunt.

The idea is very cool and innovative. It brings more stuff on the blockchain. You can earn ehrereum through trading this cryptons.

Wow this is a cool game and a great way in earning eth. Free to earn and a exciting game I see. Hope to try this game

unnamed (1).gif
Your Hunt Is Wonderful


  • You earn with it.

  • It makes blockchain interesting.

Thanks for posting on the steemhunt. Keep up with your wonderful hunt.

Great hunt @lordoftruth

Playing games is very enjoyable, making money by playing games is more enjoyable. It also looks like a fun game. I'm going to try this game right now.

Hello @lordoftruth,

I do believe this is the time to earn some money while enjoying the game. The game is also very interesting and based upon the public figures like Mr. Trump. Sometimes, such public figures give you goosebumps while most of the time they provide you a constant laughing therapy.

Superb and an outstanding hunt to earn some cryptons :)

I reviwed public figures. Trump is so different. They are all handmade and beautiful. Platforms based on this figure and drawing are gradually evolving and multiplying.

Wow! nice Hunt
@lordoftruth you deserve some accolades for bringing this Hunt.
CryptOn Labs is a nice game and allows you to earn Free Cryptons and Ethereum.
I must surely download this game game .

thanks hunter for bringing this , Don't forget to bring more good Hunts💞💞💞

Cool hunt
On playing games we get real cash.There is chance to get free crotons in lucky drew in each week.

great hunt

It is an entertaining game where you can earn ethereum, no doubt it is funny and cool game

best of luck

I love crypto world and never mind the low rates since a while. It will rise again and everyone will have to move towards this decentralized money. As a gamer I love to get money while playing. Please keep sharing some more ideas like that.


Well said
Thank you

Cool hunt as always @lordoftruth. This adds another entertainment and spice to the Etherium blockchain. Etherium has been an influential token towards cryptocurrency revolution. This is a great addition.

As a matter of fact, most play game just to have some fun and get busy for a while, since gathering of crypton which can otherwise be transfer to cool money, why can’t I get it installed and earn as others do.

one of the best hunt .

Now we can enjoy by playing this game and as well as earn money from this game. I really like this and I'd like to play it!


Do not forget the weekly draw
Thank you

This one is a great news for the people who are searching for game with a good earning chance. Love the game and have since it first come out.

Very nice thoughts :
Start Collecting Cryptons Now & Earn Ethereum. Indeed this is a very emerging hunt and people can make some money by collecting some crytons etc. Great hunt man keep it up.


Happy to read your comment
Have a great weekend

It's nice to see another game built entirely on blockchain technology. I really like it because it has an interesting plot that is both fun and engaging and on top of that players stand a chance to earn some crypto while playing. Thanks for telling us about this interesting game, Stay blessed.

I really like the design of cards as caricatures. And the concept is interesting, especially Value increased is hard coded, you have only to find a buyer !

@lordoftruth Excellent hunting dear friend. Who does not like to spend a pleasant time lowering the level of stress in a game on the web, and much more interesting if you can make money with it.
thank you very much for letting us know this game
I wish you a happy hunt and much success on today's podium


Thanks for nice comment and for your wishes,mate

Earning some CrYPTO while collecting something is a great idea. Can't ever have too much. I like that they are on the block chain. I'm not sure what's up with Eth but I'd still do this for the return.

I like playing games and it would like to be perfect to earn Ethereum by CryptOn Labs. Awesome hunt.

I thought one could get some free cryptos by playing game but just fun game for cryptos like this.


You can insert your e-mail for weekly drawing and get Free Cryptons.

Great hunt @lordoftruth! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

Please read our posting guidelines. If you have any questions, please join our Discord Group.


Thanks for approval
Wish you a great weekend

It's great hunt. Your article is so good for others.

The game is great, it also has fun to play. As these types of games grow, the world of blockchain will grow faster.

It looks very funny, the best part is that you earn money while you play and have fun.
I liked this very informative post.
Thanks for sharing

no more free games, time to earn with it.

Is this the same way as the pyramid? How do you send Idol to the person who left you with other news?

This is simply amazing! Cool hunt

just Awesome............./

Amazing game, thanks for letting us knowing this

wow...amazing game


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