Crypto Pioneers - Multiplayer Economic Strategy Game Built on Ethereum Block

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Crypto Pioneers

Multiplayer Economic Strategy Game Built on Ethereum Block



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Cryptopioneers, is similar game to Settlers of Catan but Built on Ethereum blockchain, by Blockplay Ltd.

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In Cryptopioneers you can :

  • Buy lands ( located in tropical islands, antarctic climates or mountain ranges ) called plots, that they are individually created.

  • Use your lands to mine resources, explore and discover what is hidden underneath.

  • Sell or lease out your purchased plots to others players, looking to unearth treasures found deep below the ground.

  • Trade any item with another player, as all of what you find as items / materials is tradable.

You can join the game just now, to purchase your land in any of six uniquely themed continents on the virtual planet that was created for you to enjoy the game and to earn ETH, as I believe Cryptopioneers has potential !



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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This game has built on an ethereum blockchain in which you can earn crypto coins while you play. Strategize to win from the game so that you can really earn a huge amount of crypto or else you will lose something from it.

It looks amazing! The idea of buying digital plots that becomes spacial thanks to the blockchain, because you really own them, it's great! There is a game that has the same concept and is currently on development here on the Steem blockchain, it is called Chibera.

The mining system and all you can do with the land sound very interesting. My internet is down right now but I will check out what I can on the website, thank you for sharing.

Nice hunt

I must confess i make friend with every crypto related hunt and this is another useful hunt for me. AM joining the game soon.

Thanks @lordoftruth

Nice crypto game this is, it is actually nice also to see you hunting,, hope to see you again.


Built on the Ethereum network, CryptoPioneers is a massively multiplayer economic strategy game. As veteran game developers, CryptoPioneers are designing this game to be a dynamic, player driven world where players can set their own goals and find their personal route to success.

CryptoPioneers is played on a planet called Cryptopeia that is populated with six distinctively themed continents. Each continent is made up of numerous scattered islands that are unique in their size, shape and composition.

Crypto-based, multiplayer good game. You are building Etherium Blocks. I reviewed the video and liked this game. Thanks for sharing

Looks like a fun game thanks for sharing this


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