Brain Trainer - Quick exercise to your brain short term memory

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Brain Trainer

Quick exercise to your brain short term memory





Hunter's comment

The game is a quick exercise to your brain concentration, focus and speed, etc.

To Increase your brain multitasking capability, brain searching skills, your focus by controlling your attention, and brain on balancing activities...


  • It is a free app which can be downloaded very easy on your phone.
  • It's a quick decision game.
  • it has 15 type of brain training games.


  • For better results, 10 min is need daily to play the game.
  • Level 7 some numbers are missing.

Take a try and let me know if you can finish the level 7 !!!



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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  • fun to kill time while using your brain cell
  • many games to choose from


  • may get addicted and using the phone for extended time

This is a great hunt that you made there @lordoftruth. Below are my personal opinion toward this hunt.


  • It will test your brain so that the brain can work than before
  • It consists of 15 type of categories thay may help your brain
  • You can pick any type of category to work on
  • There are 7 skills that they want your brain to improve


  • None so far for this hunt

Keep up the hunt!
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There is a 2 Hunt Limit Per day, come have a chat on Steemhunt’s Discord

Thanks for approval

Fun game. Been looking for something like this!

I think my brain is already exercising with steemit ;)

You are right

Excelent game.

Very good game @lordoftruth , I have not tried this game yet. but I'll try it later. because this game is good to test the intelligence. happy hunting brother. Greetings from me

Take a try, you like it..

The following text is my opinion about this app, Brain Trainer, I'll do my best to explain what I like and dislike about this app.

The idea of a Brain Trainer is nice, and could challenge people's mind.


  • challenging
  • different types of training games
  • excellent for young kids


  • some level's graphics are at a lower standard compared to all the other

I consider this app to be nice and well coded, simple and on point. Great hunt @lordoftruth !

Thanks for your review and for support

i could use a brain training,, nice find lordoftruth! ill give this a shot!

Thanks mate for great support

interesting braining exercise that was Quite fun actually

Thanks for continue support to my work

Always a pleasure keep sharing the great stuff :D

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