Bitcoin ETF Alerts - Get Alerted the Minute a Bitcoin ETF is Approved or Denied

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Bitcoin ETF Alerts

Get Alerted the Minute a Bitcoin ETF is Approved or Denied



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Hunter's comment

The last Bitcoin price decline was most likely caused by the rejection of ETF / Exchange Trade Fund / proposal by the SEC.

  • Some experts still hope to see a Bitcoin ETF in the near future !

  • Others experts believe that Wall-Street managed money will cause more problems !

The next ETF decision deadline is August 23rd, but the SEC may announce the decision a few days before.

BTC ETF Alerts Service

by Blocknewsfeed give you the possibility to activate:

  • E-mail Alerts.
  • Telegram Alerts.

To have access to the ETF news within 2 minutes of the official ruling posting on the SEC website, to take advantage of the quick and large bitcoin price movements that follow ETF decision.

What you waiting for! Subscribe to Bitcoin ETF Alerts now to be one of the first people that will know the next ETF decision.



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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Good hunt! Certainly an interesting tool for BTC investors

lol. What a nice hunt :) I dont think it gets approved in near future but its good to have services like that :)

This ETF did not know, thank you for making it known, I will subscribe to the page to be informed of this important news in the world of cryptocurrencies.

This is great hunt, especially for me as a "day trader"


  • Information that's instantly available
  • You can base your trades on good info
  • Alerts via e-mail or even telegram


  • I don't see one at this point of time

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Thanks for approval

This is a pretty useful and informative app btw, but is it certain that this Bitcoin ETF would be approved by SEC this year atall?

A great way to be updated within 2 minutes and the fact that is done from the official ruling posting from SEC website makes it a must for the bitcoin holders. Wall-Street always will create problems when it comes to bitcoin and very fast official updates can worth a lot. Great hunt!

An excellent one to have the real time updation of ETF news and those who are trading bitcoin will definitely be benefited by this and I am sure it will gain the attention of traders. A nice hunt.

Thank you and Have a great day.

well i have subscribe, can just missed out on the latest happening in the ETF platform. Will be happy to see it on

Great hunting, I appreciate your valuable pos
I used Bitcoin buying hosting same.. thanks for sharing this post

The web site needs some improvement. More colored. BTC could be the cause of what you said last fall. This system can be useful for seeing such times of ups and downs. Thanks, this is a useful share

this will be very useful. thanks

This is really great idea to get ETF alerts of bitcoin, It would be great help for traders.


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