Alpha Horoscope & Palmistry - The best palm reading for predicting the future

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Alpha Horoscope & Palmistry

The best palm reading for predicting the future





Hunter's comment

The Alpha application is for horoscope lovers and believers but also for those who are curious about their future.

  • Are you superstitious? Do you want to find out if you will be rich?

  • Do you want to know if you will find your real love in the near future?

  • Do you want to easily read daily the updated horoscope?

If the answer is yes, you definitely should take a look at this video.

Video Source


  • You have a lot of features in only one app.
  • You can easily read your daily horoscope without browsing.
  • The application requires a low space on your device.
  • The app answer every single question you ask in the book of wisdom feature.
  • The app is free.


  • The application is available only on android devices.
  • The advertisements can be annoying.

Let me know if you ever used an app like this.
Do you believe in horoscope?



Hunter: @lordoftruth

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• especially for horoscope lovers this app is very easy for them
• answering any questions asked

• maybe the ads should be reduced because they are too annoying


I believe Palmistry belongs to knowledge not aap machine. Please understand the Palmistry its a knowledge not a software please keep in mind thanks

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Great @lordoftruth for finding this horoscope app. Now for my personal review below :

Pros :

  • It does offer a free zodiac horoscope which you will determine your life and possible projections into your life's journey but still there is no assurance into it. You can select whether it would be daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly depending on your preference.
  • It's projection does rely on the reading on your palm where it checks compatibility and will result many theories. A really fun way to use this kind of application.
  • Aside from its Zodiac and Horoscope functions, there is additional feature which i really like, its Book of Wisdom which can be fun where it will give you answers in every question that you give.


  • All kinds of horoscope are not partially true since you are the ones who will create your life's journey.
  • It has many advertisements in the application.
  • You need to purchase to be able to maximize the usage of this application.

Is this set to replace your TA on BTC?

Love this type of thing for a bit of fun on a good day and for good predictions on a bad day

so cute, cool and relaxing pics

Nicely done. I hope they will come out with iOS version!

A very nice post. I enjoyed reading your post much. And from this post I learned a lot that was very important for me. And I always come to this kind of post. Thank you very much. I can be very beneficial to get such a good post from you. I just do not. I have done all the benefits. Because this post is a good post. So thank you very much. We will get such helpful post in the next post.


  • If you ever wanted to learn palm-reading but were too embarrassed to buy the book at the book store, this would be a good place to start. Lots of palm line reading examples that anyone can follow.
  • The design is smooth and works well with the concept.


  • Who are the astrologists? Are these rockstar astrologers? The best astrologers make all the difference when it comes to horoscopes, as we all know. I looked at some of the content for different signs, and it looked kind of like generic info.
  • The name "alpha" is kind of confusing because it implies it is not ready for production release.

thank you sir for shering it.i will us it.

Thanks for the sharing!

Nice display and design
Free for users

Prediction is still yet to be further scientifically varify

Super Hunt @lordoftruth

Note: This is just ”My Personal Opinion & Assessment”, not intended to “Judge” the reviews you have made.


  • Idea / Innovation
    The idea of "Alpha Horoscope & Palmistry" is quite unique. We can see various zodiac with each prediction (future, luck, romance, etc.).

  • Design / UI / Spec
    The UI of this application is quite effective.

  • Features / Advantages / Benefits
    You can know future predictions, luck, romance, and various other things just by choosing a zodiac. This may not be accurate, but many comments say it provides high accuracy.

  • Price
    This app is free to use, there are ads in it, and there are paid deals.

In addition to annoying ads, there is no shortage of any kind.

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Pros :

-If you are fond of checking on your daily horoscopes, then this application is for you and you can get it through Google Play.

-It has features which you can choose what you want to know in the future-be it love, work,relationships and predictions

  • It has amazing designs which will catch your attention

Cons :

It will pop up from the phone from time to time.

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Thank you for sharing this item.
Good luck to you.

Hi~ @lordoftruth , Good Hunt !
Enjoy SteemHunt~

@lordoftruth one thing i hate about this app is the annoying ads that always pops up, it i s so mean and annoying. As for saying if i believe in it, will say YES AND NO.

YES--- horoscope can easily be defined with just some few process.

No --- finding true love damn it can never know so and if you gonna be rich is any false new.

Voted bro. Nice ariticle

good to have a horoscope reading app to predict future....not 100% but even 50% works

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