Patentswatch - Stay up to date for critical business information around you

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Stay up to date for critical business information around you





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Patentswatch is a web app designed to monitor patents world wide. It provides critical information about patents relevant to businesses and their clients.

What's really amazing about this app is the level of organization
it makes to sort out these patents to provide neat and the most substantial information for businesses.

Patentswatch can monitor existing applications or have a pre-warning about emerging applications. Getting the earliest information can enable early negotiation and create deals even before an app or a project is issued or released which provide a huge competitive advantage.



Hunter: @lordkingpotato

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Hi @lordkingpotato,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve verified and approved it. The hunt is on!


Thanks buddy :)


  • This web application is such a great help especially to those innovators/inventors to check if their designs and/or ideas had been approved or still pending for approval.
  • This is also of great application for businessmen since they got the chance to check the latest innovations/inventions that are pending for approval and with that they have ample time to decide which project they are willing to create a start-up or have an investment.


  • None for this product.

Overall, it would be great to see lots of investors that keep in touch on the advances in technology.

Great hunt man @lordkingpotato!

very important and practical for companies
can save you a lot of trouble and costs

Depending on the plan chosen, it is quite expensive for such a simple service


  • Provides information regarding a wide range of technological patents
  • Warns about emerging applications
  • Perfect for businessmen and entrepreneurs


  • None that I can think of for this amazing hunt

That was awesome, thanks for letting us know! Stay awesome. Have a good day :)

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