ROOL'IN - Wheel to turn your bicycle into electric

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Wheel to turn your bicycle into electric


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Hunter's comment

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The Rool'in is the new wheel for your bike to become electric, intelligent and connected in less than 5 minutes.

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Easy to use just replace the front wheel of your regular bike, install a sensor in the lower bracket and place a console on the handlebar; so your bicycle will be electric.

Rool'in has all the technology is wheel, battery and motion detection sensor, has bluetooth with your mobile, adapted to the handlebar, through a free application.



Hunter: @lobinia

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Wow, it's a great hit to replace a normal bicycle with an electric bicycle. I love the idea of becoming an electric bicycle just by replacing the front wheel of a bicycle.

I am quite confused with the term "bike to electric". You mean it can generate voltage/electricity as a power source?


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Thanks for checking my hunting 😉

Really like the hunt because you can transform any bike to an electric, what I don't like so much is the size and the look of this addon tire... Informative hunt and great layout!

Keep up the good work and enjoy your day @lobinia


Thanks for your comment and support; The wheel comes in three sizes, which is good to fit any bike. Thank you.

Do you think this wheel could work on electrifying a wheel barrow? or other idea's? Cool find. thanks.

great hunt, I can definitely get this and connect on my bike.
It looks pretty simple to implement.
Saves money on buying electric bike.
No con for now, just wondering it's reliability with time.

Thanks for the hunt.


Thanks for your comment. Greetings 😉

It is great to convert the regular bicycle to electrical and intelligent one by ROOL'IN in 5 minutes. Awesome hunt.

You change the wheels and you become an electric bicycle! That's great. I think I can convert my bike according to my destination. Thank you for sharing!

The electric wheel? Who'd a thunk it? This is a more affordable choice to the electric bike plus you get to keep your own that you've grown accustomed to. Nice one here!

Nowadays electrical bikes are in trend and most of the time you need to buy a new bicycle and old one will be sold or keep in the garage. This one gives us the possibility to turn our favorite bike into an electric one. It's an awesome idea and I like its features also working with smartphone.

what an amazing, interesting and useful Hunt you done @lobinia.


The Wheel which turn a bicycle into electric. Many interesting features and application which attract this. A great gift for bicycle riders.

Waw super hunt. You do not need to buy whole electric bike that is not cheap, but just this wheel. And it can connect to a smartphone. Nice

Wow at first couldnt believe that is real :) Turning any bike to electrical one is a amazing thing I could buy one of this and use it whenever I like thats amazing :D

you like to ride a bike now with the wheel rool'in you can go further you just have to change the wheel to your bike and it will be transformed into electric you can track your movements

to ride a bicycle and many times I go very far to vicitar my colleagues and pedaling a lot I get tired I will follow this wheel to be able to comvertir my bicycle in electrical thanks

Hey nice to see your this great hunt. Wow this awesome.
Its loooking also so nice. I will shure read again details about this product. thanks for sharing this great your work so good.
Keep it.up...

This wheel is very cool. You can charge your electronic devices while cycling. It is a really good idea to generate electric energy from kinetic energy.

This wheel is easy to use in 5 minutes. It is supported by music, google map and check data. It is also connected to our mobile via bluetooth. I want it to my bike.

Nice hunt, brother

Wao this is very fabulous hunt,this bicycle looks so wonderful,Very interesting features of this bicycle,Very attractive design of this bicycle,connect the Bluetooth of this bicycle,Change your front wheel this bicycle convert your electric bicycle.that is great feature,,Very easy handle to this bicycle,Everyone like this great bicycle,Really very great hunt,thanks for sharing

I want one of these. This is a cheaper alternative to buying an electric bike if you don't have the funds.

The set up of ROOL'IN and tranformation to an electric assist to your bike seems simple enough.

Amazing.. amazing Hunt @lobinia

This trick or treat... It's really impossible today. But your hunt make me believe this device really happened. Make conventional bicycle to be an electric bicycle just connected less than 5 minutes.


There are lot of bikes in the market with amazing features. And people are enjoying to use them. But the this feature of ROOL'IN is Wheel to turn your bicycle into electric is totally different. I will definitely explore more and then will try to purchase one. Thanks for great hunting.

One of the great hunt of day and this is really something which anyone can afford and the conventional bicycles can be converted into a electric bike by an ease. The best part is that it is not that complicated. Looks wise also it is all right.

Thank you.,...steem on that hunt.

Electric bikes are a thing now, but this is quite surprising :) A wheel that turns your bike in to an electric one. I love the simplicity of the idea :)

Rool'in will be a perfect product to turn my bicycle into electric in 5 minutes. I sometimes get tired and it will be very useful

Oh so cool! This will really help the lover of bicycle in riding, they find more joy in riding at ease with the electric features.

Nice hunt

A good way to convert some mechanical energy into electrical energy that can be used to charge portable devices while biking. This is just amazing. Great hunt.

ROOL'IN is an amazing wheel which simply turn your bicycle into electric. The wheel is awesome in design and amazing in working. It comes with motion detection sensor and connected with your mobile by Bluetooth. Great hunt

Our daily travels will very pleasant with this, it’s like a sweet gymnastic, I am very happy with the concept

The set up which requires the conversion is not difficult at all. I always want my bicycle to has more functions, so converting it into an electric ride is a plus.


Thanks for your comment and support. Greetings 😉

impressive product in a smart wheel for electric bicycles to try to see how it is and its operation but at first glance it is a good product great hunt

Nice hunt @lobinia!

This truly is a great new innovative product which can turn your favourite bike into an even better one with it's three different sizes that will make it fit on most.

Riding it with no effort sounds fantastic to me.

I love this original idea, it's awesome.


cool wheels, and no need me to have too much efforts, i prefer back wheel drive though, thank you very much for your hunt~

WoW what an amazing piece of tech that is just install it in any bicycle and it turns into an E-bike cool. I watch the video and it is basically very easy and quickly attach and deattach from any bike. The only con which i observe is that it might be heavy because of build in battery apart from that a very unique and useful product. Great Hunt

Hi @ lobinia, top hunting.
Turning, a regular bicycle into an electric is an excellent idea.
Especially if this is done just like in this case.
Different wheel dimensions allow yes more are bikes turning them into eBike ...
Excellent product for purchase.

This wheel looks very useful. It's good to know that technology is giving us So much, having wifi in it is fantastic great hunting

Pros and Cons
-Allow short trips within city to be easy
-Perfect for urban environment

-Might get you into legal issue depending on local law

Wow! My bicycle will look great with this product wish is so overwhelming and useful. I can’t wait to have this. Thanks for sharing

I never something like this was possible. This is really great and efficient. Finally I can turn my bike to an electric driven bike. What a product!

Cool hunt @lobinia! If that could be available here in our area, I'm pretty sure everyone wants to have one! Plus bicycle will be much used too. My concern is just the price.

Wow! 👏👏👏
Hi, hunter @lobinia, you reserve accolades for bringing this amazing Hunt.
ROOL'IN can turn your bicycle into electric in just 5 minutes with **ROOLI'N you dont need to buy Elctriy bicycle before you can use electric bicycle

ROOL'IN is really a very innovative bike with added some extraordinary cool features. If I have to recommend someone a bike accessory in this last quarter of 2018, I would recommend this one. This is too good to be true. A well-deserved ranking in today's list. Nice job.

Elegance in harmony with performance. The aesthetics of high-end products are seduce our first glance.

Wow! Amazing hunt.
It's great to know that we can convert our existing bicycle into electric. We don't need to buy whole electric bike, instead just buy the rool'in wheel and save money.

This is actually pretty cool. Thanks!

Hy @lobinia,your post is really futuristic,bicycle will be turned into electric bike is a great concept.Bicycle lovers will find it useful,I like it's sensors, Bluetooth and other connectivity features

Nice hunt. This would bring more comfort and make riding enjoyable. No more being lonely on the bike.

Apparently, it seemed an ordinary bike but after taking a close look, I'm fallen in love with it. The features are very special, the design is cool.

Easy to use just replace the front wheel of your regular bike, install a sensor in the lower bracket and place a console on the handlebar; so your bicycle will be electric.

Turning a bike into electrical is something great. Happy Hunting @lobinia!

Amazing hunt man keep hunting !!

Wow, this is a fine example of merging two things to make an advanced thing. A pure innovation indeed. I have a grwat love for cycling as it's an exercise that I love to leep doing and I also have to reach home fast when Need serves both ways. Epic invention.

Turning an ordinary bike to electrical one is no doubt the next level and I really liked the idea. This will change the biking experience. The design and feel is so good. Great hunt @lobinia.


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This is pretty awesome. It's would be really cool if it mined alt coins while cycling..

Really like the hunt because you can transform any bike to an electric, what I don't like so much is the size and the look of this addon tire... Informative hunt and great layout!

Keep up the good work and enjoy your day @lobinia

Noble hunt with electric capable plates carrying a console converting mechanical manpower to electrical. Just control and relax ..... Nice hunt