AIR UMBRELLA - An invisible umbrella that works with air

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An invisible umbrella that works with air


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Hunter's comment

Air Umbrella, is a device that works by expelling air currents that repel rain, through an engine.
An umbrella that creates an air space that will protect us from the rain, for 30 minutes, which is the duration of the battery.
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It comes in three models of 30cm, 50cm and 80cm, they adjust according to the thickness and height of the person, including children.



Hunter: @lobinia

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Its nice to see the technology with umbrellas :) But its working time is not enough to use it. I watched the video and it gives as example to use it with michrophones or such devices. So it can be used for short time to work with electronical devices but maybe in the future we can use such thing as daily. Thanks for sharing

This is truly great and innovative. However, the duration is very low. 30 minute is a small time when it is raining. Hopefully, this would be improved upon shortly.

Thanks for your comment and support😉

This thing is excellent, although its battery is not very durable and could not cover me from the sun haha, it is good to cover the rain but it has its details, even its functioning system is very good, it is ideal for those girls who want to be at the Fashion wearing its best accessories, very modern design. Thanks for sharing: D Greetings!

Talking about umbrellas. Just this morning I got some rain on me walking to work. This look cool. Pro is that is small and compact to carry, and also cool :). Cons are that it will probably not work for heavy rain, it use energy, and not last long.

Thanks for your comment; if in a heavy rain you have to test it to see if it resists.

Please change the product link to this it's currently set to spanish.

Thanks for the observation, the link was edited, please if you can verify my hunt, thanks

This is an innovation of umbrella.
The only bad thing of this umbrella from my opinion is the battery only last for 30 mins.

I share your comment in more fabulous if the battery lasted a little longer, but it is still a marvelous article. Thanks 😉

Amazing hunt


Very new concept
Any one don't know really it is an umbrella.
Very stylish



Thanks for sharing your opinion, regards 😉

This umbrella is very good, I really want to have one of these thanks for sharing it with all of us

Thanks for your comment and support. 😉

I am suspicious about the battery life but I loved the idea. Good Hunt @lobinia !

Thanks for comment, it would really be much better if the battery had more time. 😉

This is amazing!! Very clever idea, and i don't think that the 30 mins of battery is weak point, because you don't have to stay that long in the rain.

Thanks for your comment and support, greeting

Unimagined product.
Easy to use
Excellent for women.
The battery lasts very little.

Talk about being different? One is sure to turn some heads with this thing although the battery life is the killer it would still be pretty awesome to whip this thing out and use among a crowd. Then again the crowd may get a shower from the redirected rain. I'd still buy it haha!


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Thanks for checking my hunting. Greetings 😉

1 hour duration would be better but 30 minutes is not so bad. I don't remember walking under the rain more than 30 minutes, but 1 hour would be greater. Nice project, nice hunt @lobinia

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Wow! This has got to be the most unique hunt here today. An umbrella made of air! It looks like something from the future. I wonder if it can repel strong rains and sunlight, too?


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