Paperlike 3 - A Smart E-ink Monitor Save Your Eyes

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Paperlike 3

A Smart E-ink Monitor Save Your Eyes






Hunter's comment

Hi Steemian. I have just find a new product for people who spend most of their time looking on computer screen. It is a new type of E-ink Monitor which can protect your eyes from LCD display. Unlike the E-reader, this product is perfectly designed to replace LCD monitor.

Why do We Need a Paper-like E-ink Monitor?

For my personal experiences, I am using LCD monitor for over 12 hour for a day, including my laptop and my iPhone. I can feel my eyes is keeping weaker and weaker.

I believed that many urban people are suffer from the bad effect of LCD display. LCD display can hurt our eyes and threat our health if we using it for a long time.

A syndrome called CVS (Computer Vision Syndrome) is caused by strong light, screen flash and blue light. It makes our eyes dry, inflamed, deeper myopia, and even cause dizziness, headache, etc.

Therefore we need a paper-like monitor to save our eyes. This product is a good choice.

Product Features:

Excellent eye-saver

  • Paperlike 3 had the advanced ambient-light-reflecting display technology
  • drives ink droplets in microcapsules by voltage to make natural, clear images on the screen
  • illuminated by light in the environment rather than a backlight
  • paper-like
  • no blue light
  • no reflection
  • no flashing

Unlike the previous similar product

  • HD retina display
  • high contrast
  • fine quality

  • Designed for scientific researcher, office workers, eye pains, programmers, teacher, students, kids and teens, the elder...etc

  • High Speed
  • Low Latency

Just check the video and you can see the difference

Other nice features:

  • Smart & Professional Function Enhanced Software
  • HDMI Connection
  • Mirror Display or Extend Display
  • Vertically or Horizontally

  • Support Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad...etc
  • USB for power only


And here is the Specification

Screen: Max 13.3-inch E-ink screen (Carta & Flexible)
Video transmission: HDMI
Power supply: USB (5V-2A)
Aspect Ratio: 4 : 3
Display: Reflects ambient light (no backlight)
Resolution: 2200×1650 retina display
Best working temperature: 15℃ ~35℃
Shell material: Plastic
VESA standard hole: 75mm×75mm
Enhanced Software: Free upgrade

Noted: All image and video were taken from here.



Hunter: @linuslee0216

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  • it help to prevent the astigmatism
  • user friendly and support the different platform
  • High resolution
  • slim to carry because of plastic case


  • concern about the usage of battery

Haha, it is a monitor but not a e-reader, do not have a battery inside.

Hi @linuslee0216,

Thanks for your hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on!



Great for people who wear glasses at their computer
Way better than wearing computer glasses

You'll never want to look at a monitor again after you use this...

It is for people who are always in front of the computer for several hours.

It can protect the eyes from eye strain, blurred vision, astigmatism and other eye conditions.

A good find you have. No cons I can think.

Thank you for your review

Hi~ @linuslee0216, Good Hunt~
It's amazing~~

Any information about the price? And as I saw from the demonstration phone display is not enlarged on bigger screen which is a minus.

I saw the price from indiegogo link, 900 USD pretty expensive for that device.

I saw this tablet a few days ago and I knew this will be the hit!!
Nice Hunt!!

Thanks for your feedback!


  • I really enjoy the size of the product
  • The product is totally awesome
  • Easy to use and get started


  • Nothing comes to my mind

Thanks for your review!

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Lovely! Thank you very much!

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  • I really enjoy the size of the product
  • The idea behind this is really well spend time
  • Amazing looking product


  • None

Thanks for your review!

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