HEROES JOBS - Stories for jobs. Because cover letters suck!

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Stories for jobs. Because cover letters suck!


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With this app, people can send a short video to break the ice and show companies your personality! They do not need cover letters anymore.

It can discover their selection of the best startups recruiting in San Francisco. User can apply to the favoritest ones and join the startup of your dreams.

It is easy to use and vert users friendly!




Hunter: @linuslee0216


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Their site is pretty bare and doesn't provide much information, but the idea is pretty cool and provides a platform to help you to stand out, a big part about hiring is not only experience and qualifications, but how that person will fit into the team, I think this helps to get a candidates personality across way before an interview and overall a cool idea. Their site is pretty clean and the app looks pretty modern. Currently, it's only limited to the US, but could be something useful here. Nice hunt.

this is a revolution in the job seeking experience,,, a more advanced way of knowing your employee-to-be better

This is a really great application because it offers us a different way of doing interviews and potentially having more work opportunities. What I like most is that the app will allow us to add and edit our videos a bit to make them a little more professional.

An app that will open the doors to new and better work opportunities in an unconventional way.

Nice hunt

Thanks for the information brother.

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