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It may sound like a scam, but in fact it’s a new feature available to users of the privacy-focusedbat.jpginternet browser called Brave. The payment comes in crypto—specifically Brave’s Ethereum-based Basic Attention Token (BAT).

BAT came into existence back in 2017, during the height of the ICO craze. In May of that year, the company behind Brave sold $35 million worth of BAT in less than a minute, becoming what CoinDesk calls “the original sold-out-in-seconds ICO.” Since then, though, while the token has been tradeable, it hasn’t been much more than a speculative asset. As ICO projects come under increased regulatory scrutiny, projects like Brave are under pressure to demonstrate that their tokens have real-world utility and haven’t just been a way to make millions of dollars in seconds.

Brave’s browser, which blocks ads and trackers, has been around since 2016, and already has nearly 6 million users. Up until now, it has let users donate BAT to websites and YouTube personalities, as a wa


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